Aches and Gains Interview, Part One and Two

Hear why our patented patch technology is pioneering the future of phototherapy! In part two of the Aches and Gains interview, Dr. Paul J. Christo further explores how LifeWave patches have helped our official Ambassador, Suzanne Somers, support her health. David Schmidt provides more details on the numerous benefits they provide, without the use of stimulants, drugs or chemicals.

Three Ways You Can Listen to Part One and Part Two

  1. Login to your Back Office here: Back Office > Resources > Marketing Tools > Interviews.
  2. Visit the homepage and click the image above “Big News!” in the bottom left corner.
  3. Visit Christo’s website.

Leverage the Interview to Build Your Business
Companies typically have to pay for targeted media exposure. But our patch technology is newsworthy, just by virtue of how effective and groundbreaking it really is. In this case, we also enjoy the advantage of being associated with Dr. Christo, one of the leading experts in pain management.

How to drive results:

  1. Spread the word: Point all of your existing Customers, new prospects, friends and family to the interview recording.
  2. Use all of the resources at your disposal: Promote the interview through email, social media, phone conversations, text messages, etc. Capitalize on any opportunity to infuse your own personal patch story—draw inspiration from the “Now I Can” campaign.
  3. Face-to-face and in-home meetings: You just need an Internet connection, and a laptop, tablet or mobile phone. Click play and let the interview speak for itself. This will engage viewers and lead to discussions that help build relationships and create business opportunities.