Aches and Gains Interview, Part One and Two

We want to remind everyone that Part One and Part Two of the Aches and Gains interview is now available in your Back Office Here: Back Office > Resources > Marketing Tools > Interviews. You can also hear both parts on the home page—just click the graphic above “BIG NEWS!” in the bottom left corner.

Dr. Paul J. Christo from The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine hosts this weekly program. His extensive research on chronic pain diagnosis and treatment, combined with his Harvard and Johns Hopkins specialized training, has helped establish him as one of America’s leading pain experts. In fact, U.S. News & World Report named Dr. Christo among the top one percent of doctors in the nation. In Dr. Christo’s interview with David Schmidt and Suzanne Somers, you’ll hear why our patented patch technology is pioneering the future of phototherapy.

During the broadcast, Suzanne discusses what role LifeWave patches played in her road to recovery, and how she still uses this drug-free solution to alleviate pain. Dr. Christo then welcomes David, who first summarizes how LifeWave’s patches work, and then does a deeper dive on how each patch provides a specific health benefit, including a reference to how IceWave relieves pain.

According to our CEO and Founder: “What’s so exciting about this is the exact mechanism of how this is all occurring. We now know we can use low levels of light to have the body produce its own antioxidants, and very favorable bioelectrical changes that lead to extremely rapid pain relief.”

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