A special message from LifeWave Marketing VP, Jim Caldwell ahead of LifeWave LIVE! California 2019

Get ready. 5 weeks and counting until USA rocks with a great LIVE event, March 30-31 at the beautiful Sheraton Gateway Los Angeles Hotel in sunny Southern California! This event is going to be loaded with information, motivation, inspiration and member fellowship that will show you the future of LifeWave.

Thanks to David Schmidt’s amazing X39™ invention, we are at the forefront of the stem cell revolution and this event will tell you why… and the amazing story behind our revolutionary technology. You want to grow your business? You want to really know what is possible? You want to rub shoulders with LifeWave world leaders and hear their secrets? You need to be at this event! 

Special Guest Speakers on team-building, the science of X39™, recent study results… will all be here to give you insights that you can’t get anywhere else.

There is a reason there is a resurgence in LifeWave excitement: We have something no one else has that is absolutely igniting world attention. There is no competition. And you, as a member of our global team, are in the driver’s seat. Time to accelerate and get on with the business of building to a Billiontogether!

Don’t delay! Take advantage of early-bird pricing and bring your teams. Early bird… ? Registration closes on March 22nd, 2019 so what are you waiting for??

REGISTER HERE NOW!  and we’ll see you there