A Message from our Leaders ahead of LifeWave Live! Copenhagen 2018

Event_banners_copenhagen3v4LifeWave Live! Copenhagen is just 5 weeks away – we can’t believe how fast this has come around and we’re so excited!

We reached out to some of our leaders to share why they love our LifeWave Live! Events and why you should register for this year’s event (if you haven’t already).

‘The last LifeWave event in Copenhagen turned out to be the best one that I ever experienced in my 5 years with the company. David keeps surprising me with his brilliance and innovative technology. I believe that LifeWave is now at the edge of the most exciting time in its history. And we all get to be a part of this amazing journey. Therefore, I really want to encourage all members to come to this next event. Let’s make history together!’

– Andreas Flensted-Jensen, LifeWave Leader

 ‘People are always blown away over the knowledge that David is sharing at events – not just about Lifewave, but about science. If you have attended once, you don’t want to miss the next. I know that the April event in Copenhagen will be amazing, and this year we have the opportunity of a “live Q&A” with David on Sunday – just perfect!’ 

– Christina Fabrin, LifeWave Leader

‘This is a great opportunity to learn more about LifeWave and to spend time/meet new, exciting and positive LifeWave People. There is always so much new information coming from great speakers, so I would not miss this event. See you in Copenhagen :)’

– Marianne Gordan, LifeWave Leader

Thank you to our leaders for their encouraging words and for everything you do to spread the word of LifeWave around the globe.

REGISTER NOW for our LifeWave Live! Copenhagen Event to avoid missing out on this amazing experience!