A Healthy Mind Is A Healthy Body!

It’s so important to look after ourselves – both physically and mentally – but in today’s modern world it has become increasingly easy to forget about ourselves and prioritise other tasks. It has become easier than ever to order takeaway or go through the drive-thru in the car when we don’t have time to sit and prepare good, wholesome, nutritional meals for ourselves and our families.

Nutrition is fundamental to overall health and diet plays a significant role in this. Ordering when out and about doesn’t have to mean we eat poorly, there are plenty of healthy options around, for example if you go for lunch with friends every week, trade your side of chips/fries for a side salad. By doing so, you are helping get your daily intake of fruit and vegetables.

When doing your supermarket trip for groceries, try to swap cookies and candies for raw seeds and nuts! Sugar can have detrimental effects on the body in large quantities, although it can be difficult to trade a sugary treat for something not as sweet, try using a healthier substitute such as raw honey or coconut sugar. Trading our favourite sugar-induced chocolate for stevia dark chocolate is a fantastic way of treating yourself without having to feel guilty afterwards.

Experts say humans should drink about 2 litres of water a day, this seems a lot to those of us who aren’t used to drinking this much water. By cutting out that extra coffee and drinking another glass of water, our body will thank us with a huge increase in energy levels, an improved complexion among several other benefits.

By following these simple steps and swapping to a more natural, chemical-free diet, you will not only look incredible but also feel amazing!