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Improved Transparency for Active/Inactive Status

In recent years, many of you have requested to see when your downline Distributors are about to become Inactive, so you can alert them to stay Active by purchasing the required 55 BV. You now have this capability with our new system, and we want to explain how it works.

New 30-Day Qualification Period

We have replaced the 35-day qualification period with a 30-day qualification period. This means each Sunday night at the close of the commission week, the system now looks back 30 days to see if the required purchase is there. If it is, the position is Active and qualified.

In addition to this Sunday assessment (close of commission week), the system actually does a weekly review each Monday, to identify anyone who will go Inactive by the following Sunday. It then shows this information in your Back Office.

This Example Should Help:

  • Monday (October 24) the system began looking back 30 days from Sunday (October 30) to see who has the required 55 BV.
  • It then displays everyone who is currently Active and will be Active as of Sunday night (October 30).
  • It also shows anyone who is currently Inactive, PLUS those who will be Inactive by Sunday night unless they make a purchase.

What About Autoship?

In the example above, if someone is scheduled for an Autoship order October 29, they will appear Inactive until that autoship is initiated. But you can see that scheduled order by looking in your organization, and then looking at your Downline Autoship Report.

Better Visibility Means Better Communication

The idea here is to provide you and your downline with advance notice of those who are in danger of going Inactive before the next commission payment. Once everyone is properly educated, we believe this will be a great tool for coaching your downline teams.

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Customer Service: Important Hyperwallet Update

As part of Hyperwallet’s continuing commitment to provide reliable, secure services, they are accelerating the release of new security-related practices and features. These practices and features include:

  • Forced password changes every 180 days: this will begin with a notification that the current password has expired and must be reset.
  • Disabling of any Hyperwallet BackOffice user account that has not been accessed for more than 90 days. Accounts can be re-enabled by calling production support.
  • The use of “Captcha” technology during the Account Activation process.
  • Email alerting upon the change of any Wallet or Hyperwallet BackOffice account data.
  • Enhancements to the Activation flow.

Please contact Customer Service with Questions or Concerns:

Compensation Plan Change: New 30-Day Qualification Period

As you know, LifeWave has used a five-week commission qualification period up until now—meaning the requirement to remain active and qualified for commissions was a purchase of product(s) with a value of at least 55 BV every 35 days, and 110 BV every 35 days to remain qualified for all commissions including Matching Bonuses.

Going forward, the qualification period will be 30 days, not 35. We’ll begin applying this qualification period beginning with the commission period from October 17 through October 23. This means that when commissions for this week are calculated on Monday, October 31, this new 30-day qualification period will be used.

If you have any questions or any issues, please contact Customer Service, and they will gladly help you through this transition.

Customer Service Reminder: Bonus Periods for PV Over 110

We continue to field a lot of questions on bonus periods for PV over 110. We hope the following explanation helps: PV over 110 is added in the bonus period that occurs during the first week of the month. The system determines the weakest leg, based on current left and right team volumes.

If the bonus period encompasses the first day of a given calendar month, PV over 110 is added on the first week of the following calendar month. For example, if you place an order on April 1 (Bonus period of March 28 – April 3), the PV over 110 from that order only gets paid in the first bonus period in May (April 25 – May 1). We hope this explanation helps, but please let us know if it’s still not clear.

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Customer Service Reminder: Notice on Placing Orders

We just want to remind everyone that LifeWave only accepts orders made on behalf of your LifeWave membership. This means we can’t accept orders in the name of another LifeWave Member. In addition, phone orders are only accepted at the LifeWave business office (e.g. U.S. or Ireland) where those orders are being fulfilled. Thanks and we appreciate your cooperation!

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Customer Service Reminder: BV Maintenance Autoships

When you place your BV Maintenance autoships, it’s crucial to use a credit card that isn’t set to expire before the Autoship ends. If the credit card you have on file is set to expire, please contact LifeWave Customer Service to update these details as soon as possible. This is a required step to ensure your autoship runs successfully and to maintain your active status. We appreciate your cooperation!

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Customer Service Reminder: PV Requirements

We’ve fielded a lot of questions lately regarding our PV requirements, and we want to make sure everyone has a clear understanding of how they work. To remain active and qualify for commissions, you need a minimum of 55 PV per bonus qualification period. To retain your volume, you need a minimum of 39 PV per bonus qualification period. Please note, however, that 39 PV will not make you eligible to earn commissions.

Read our full Compensation Plan for more related details, and thanks for your continued support!

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