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Customer Service Tip: Don’t Forward the Splash Newsletter

It’s been brought to our attention that many of our Members forward the Splash Newsletter email, which can result in subscription issues for senders. For instance, if you forward the Splash email to a recipient that clicks Unsubscribe, your account is automatically unsubscribed as well. This means you will no longer receive the Splash email until you subscribe again.

Not to Worry, We Have an Easy Solution!
Instead of forwarding the Splash email, simply direct people to sign up for the Newsletter themselves. Just have them visit, scroll down to the footer under Resources, and click Splash Email Signup.

Click the Button Below to Sign Up for the Splash Newsletter.

Customer Service Tip: Resetting Your LifeWave Password

A number of our Members have reached out to us with questions on resetting their LifeWave password. Here are some simple steps for completing this process:

  1. We recommend using a computer if you have access to one (you may encounter issues using a mobile device).
  2. To reset your password, please click the following link:
  3. You’ll receive an email with a link to complete the process. Be sure to click the link. Please do not copy and paste the link into a browser.
  4. Please Note: if your email address is saved on more than one account, the forget password option will not work.
  5. Please make sure to enter the email address saved on your LifeWave account.
  6. Depending on your security settings, the automatic email you receive may go to your Spam folder or may also be stopped by your firewall.
  7. If you encounter any issues, please contact LifeWave Customer Service and a friendly representative will gladly walk you through the process.

Contact LifeWave Customer Service with Questions or Concerns:





Customer Service: Clarification on Active/Inactive Status

Based on feedback we have received from many of our Members, we’d like to clarify the details on Active/Inactive status. All Members that have been Inactive for a period of one year or longer, have until July 31, 2017 to become Active again, otherwise their position will be terminated.

To keep a position Active, simply make a product purchase with 55 PV or more, and you’re good to go! So make the easy choice and get reactivated now, to maintain your Active Status and continue enjoying our great wholesale pricing and rewards.

ACTIVE MEMBERS: If you’re currently an active Member or have placed a product order in the last 12 months, no action is required on your part.

Customer Service News: Hyperwallet Relationship Values

Effective June 20 2017, Hyperwallet will streamline relationship values for individual account holders to “Self” or “Own Company” exclusively. In an effort to reduce risk, all other transfer method relationships will no longer be offered. This also means that payees are expected to transfer funds to the accounts they own.

PLEASE NOTE: this change will not affect your ability to transfer funds to existing transfer methods.

Please contact Customer Service with questions or concerns.