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Testimonial Releases for Your Great Stories

Have you sent in a testimonial to David Schmidt or to our corporate  Have you posted a testimonial on Facebook?  If you have done that or intend to, we need you to fill out and sign our Testimonial Release and Affidavit for our records.  It is a matter of good business practices for us to have your release on file in case there is any question as to its authenticity. Please go to our back office and download a release  that is printed in your native language and also one printed in English, fill out both and send each on to  Any questions?  Just email us at  We look forward to hearing from you!

Customer Service Tip: Indicate your apartment, unit or suite number

Such a small thing, but we hear about non-delivery of packages all the time because of it: Some members or customers do not have their apartment, unit or suite number as part of their address.  This can slow delivery down or cause it to be “non-deliverable.”  That is the last thing you want!  Be sure to check your address on file, and make sure your customers fill out their order form correctly to help insure timely delivery.

Remember We Want to Hear from You

Be sure to send us your testimonial on business-building success or any amazing results you or someone you know have seen using our powerful technology. Tell us what you are experiencing! Send your testimonial to We’ll send you out a release we’ll need you to sign granting permission to showcase your testimonial. We look forward to hearing from you!