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Mistakes New Marketers Make

Building up your business can be difficult at the start, mistakes are made by all but it is what we learn from these mistakes that can really make a difference to the future of the business!

If you are relatively new to network marketing, you may be experiencing some of the following, so we have provided advice to help you dodge these mistakes and build your network!

The first major mistake new marketers make is patty caking! Sounds a bit strange when you see it first, but 90% of people have experienced this throughout their journey in network marketing. Talking to somebody who constantly uses small talk when they approach you can get, well, boring. Have you ever been stopped by somebody where it is obvious they have started speaking to you for a specific reason, and not just to talk about the weather or about the football game last night? Pop the question! Don’t beat around the bush, it is off-putting and quite frankly gets old very quickly. People won’t say it but it is guaranteed they are thinking “what does he/she want…” Ask them if they know anything about the business or its products and give them some information on what certain products do! This not only engages the other person but also sells your business to them. Remember, being blunt can be appreciated! Being polite and getting to the point is more reputable than discussing irrelevant issues.

The next mistake that new marketers are prone to is TIME! There are two common reactions to building rapport, the first (and most favourable!) is your audience exclaiming gratitude for teaching them about the business opportunity OR they completely disagree and want to get out of the conversation as quick as possible! People today have a lack of time, not an abundance. Don’t waste people’s time. This point is closely connected to the last as beating around the bush and not getting to the point not only bores people but wastes their time and your own! People are more understanding if you get to the point, they are either ecstatic you approached them or want to get out of this conversation as soon as they can. Reading body languages can teach you a lot about how they are truly feeling about being involved in your business. These two simple pieces of advice can not only help people starting out in network marketing but also those of you who are well-established in network marketing!

4 Simple Tips To Help You Network

Networking has been described as the glue that sticks your whole career path together. Relationships that are built throughout your career become increasingly important the older we get. With the age of social media being all around us, we are often swallowed up by who’s posting what on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Although these platforms can make us feel like we are wasting time everyday scrolling, reacting and liking different posts, this seems to be the way networking is moving. Nonetheless, there is also a big network outside of these platforms.

These 4 simple tips can help you grow your network and build your business!

  1. Diversity in Your Network

It is great to have a strong network in your part of the world, but what do you do when you need to reach out to someone 100 miles away to help you out with an event you’re holding? Strong relationships are amazing to have, it is important to build relationships in different areas of the world. Try attending events where you can meet people from all over! This will help grow your network incredibly quickly.

  1. Industries

Reach out to people in different industries than yours, see what YOU can do for others and in turn, they will do something for you.

  1. Ask

Talk to your network, ask questions and LEARN! People love being asked questions about things they are passionate about, it is important to query where you would get more information and who you would speak with to get more information. The power of asking questions is remarkable for growing your network.

  1. Stewardship

Be courteous to people, be sure to listen to how people are feeling and in turn a sense of trust builds up.

Don’t Let Networking Get Boring!

Networking is one of the most fundamental parts to any business, however, have you ever been at an event speaking to some new people and finding yourself lost for things to talk about? For many of us it can be a challenge to come out of our comfort zones when we interact with new people. With that, we have compiled a list of topics to help you build your network and your business.

Engaging with people on a personal level helps to build up the relationship, asking them where they grew up leads you down a whole path of stories. The great thing about this subject matter is you can gauge where this person has contacts – they may have grown up in a completely different country, this leads them on to how they got into network marketing and why they got into it.

Asking new people what they do for fun steers the conversation away from work life and gives you a greater insight into their personal life. You both may have similar interests and if so, AMAZING! You may have just made a new friend as well as growing your network.

We have spoken about the importance of spending time with your network previously, engaging with them on a more personal level and allowing the conversation to flow naturally is a fundamental part of network marketing.

Top Business Tips from Our Experts

It has been agreed by many experts that networking is the most important part of doing business, building relationships with people far and wide is crucial to survival in the business world. In order to help you succeed, we have compiled a list of top tips to help you grow your circle of connections and succeed within network marketing!

Top Tip #1: Brush Up on Your Skills

The skills you need in this business vary, although the most crucial ones include but are not limited to communication and organisation! Being able to communicate effectively with people who you try to enrol is crucial to the development of your business! Try recording yourself and listening back over the audio, work on the areas you feel you fall down in and in no time you’ll be an amazing communicator!

Top Tip #2: Identify Your Target Market

Be selective about who you contact and understand that these people will in turn be generating leads – look for individuals who you truly believe will be able to deliver value to your business.

Top Tip #3: Share The Love

Sharing your passion for your products is fundamental to your success in the business. Portraying to your downlines that you have used the products and that you adore them can really encourage others to get involved. Holding product parties and helping new people discover more about the products shows them that you love the products enough that you are hosting parties in their honour!

Top Tips for Success

  1. Attitude Is Everything

Remaining positive all the time is not possible – we are all human, we face challenges every day, but this shouldn’t dampen our attitudes towards our lives. In fact, the top habit of successful people is having a POSITIVE ATTITUDE!

  1. Share Your Experiences

Share your experiences of how you felt when you first started network marketing. Many people are under the influence that their experience is very different from others within their network, and although it may differ, many of the things you experience others have also experienced at some stage with their business.

  1. Work and Do Not Quit

Network marketing is hard work – there is no disputing that. Many people give up too early as they perceived that they would start earning lots right away. As you all know, this is not the case. Network marketing requires you to be consistent, through it all, in order to reap the benefits.