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As you undoubtedly have heard, social media can be a powerful tool for leveraging your time and effectively engaging followers with the spirit of LifeWave. Be sure not to fall into the trap of posting “anything” to make yourself feel like you are using the medium successfully. Giving people real, valuable information that they can put to work today… or asking them questions, to pull a response and to engage their emotions or intellect… have a better chance of working in your favour as you inform others of the health benefits of LifeWave and build a successful team of team-builders.

Engage your followers and provide information to them without trying to sell in every post and your business has a better chance of flourishing as more people like and share what you have posted. Here are 3 essential rules to consider when using social media for your business:

  1. SHARE: Share something important and meaningful. We have a host of great articles in splash that would be of interest to many people – give them the link and let the article do the talking for you. People have busy lives, challenges, no time. Be relevant. Be to the point. Use humour where it is natural. Have fun with your posts!
  2. ENGAGE: There’s nothing like a reader sensing a “twinkle in the eye” from you to generate a response. Think about what you respond to. Turn it around and establish that empathetic voice that understands what they deal with from day to day. Ask questions and comment on other peoples’ content that is of interest to you. It’s a conversation. Show them the real you, that you see and hear them. There is after all, a real person sitting on the other side of the keyboard!
  3. EDUCATE: LifeWave is about easing human suffering and improving the health and well-being of every person we encounter. Informing and educating your audience from time to time is key. But to pass on valuable information, you need to educate yourself too…not only on the products and their benefits, but on what else is out there, what are experts saying about certain health issues that you know LifeWave can help alleviate. Use the back office where there is a growing number of tools to keep you informed. Search the internet for what is latest on stem cells, for instance. Practice talking about all aspects of LifeWave, including the opportunity to add the LifeWave revenue model to their lifestyle. Educate them and there’s a good chance they will come to you!

Quick Reminder on Key Member Policies

Be sure to review your Member Policies as they relate to selling, or causing to be sold, any LifeWave products on any “internet auction site or mass retail site such as Amazon, EBAY or similar sites.” It is forbidden. (Section 9.18). Also, “The use of online shopping carts, other than the LifeWave Member Back Office, to sell LifeWave products is strictly prohibited…” (Section 9.6.3). Finally, “No content shall be used on any Member-created website which is not expressly contained in official Company materials or website. (Section 9.6.1). Life is too short to run afoul of LifeWave corporate policies that will lead to termination. Be aware of your responsibilities!

Attaining Success with Networking

Achieving success with your LifeWave business is simple if you allow it to be. Many people fail in networking because they make the process of business building overly complicated.  First, use the patches so you become “a product of the product” and can share your own success story.  Second, simply share your story and our products with others; it is that simple.   We have compiled a list of tried and tested methods to help making sharing our products with others simple and hassle free!

  1. Create Good Content

Our experts will agree that using blogs and social media platforms as a way of building your business is key to success. Updating your platforms with content that is interesting, relevant and that others can relate to is the best way to go about becoming successful in this business.

2.   Generate Leads

Your downlines want to hear from you! They want to hear about the latest developments, testimonials and other LifeWave news, be sure to stay in regular contact with these people.

3. The Follow Up

This point goes hand in hand with generating leads, once the lead is created be sure to always follow up with people. This builds rapport and trust within the business relationship. People always appreciate the follow up and it is a fundamental point within network marketing that should never be overlooked.

Taking a Risk or Investing in your future?

The world of today is all about taking a risk and hoping it pays off. Those of us working the typical 9-5 job and earning a set income every month seems like the most risk-free way, or does it? With network marketing you can choose your own hours, it is not the simplest way at first, but it can sure be the most effective to help you change your life for the better!

The fact that businesses see you as a number (rather than an individual with real feelings and ideas) makes you replaceable. It is a painful truth, you will only be kept in the company if the company requires you and with job-sharing on the rise, your employer may favour this to cut costs. So where does that leave you? A job you worked in for 20 years is suddenly pulled from under your feet, the sad truth is that this happens to thousands of people across the globe on a regular basis.

The beauty of network marketing is that you are your own boss, you simply get out what you put in!

Taking the plunge into network marketing can be a daunting task initially but think of it as an investment in yourself and your future. Getting out of your comfort zone and into building your business, watching your team grow and seeing all of your hard work turn into a great success is highly satisfying. Being consistent, remaining positive and investing in yourself is how to do things in this business.

Two Time Management Tips for Network Marketing

If you feel like you’re not getting the most you can out of your working day, week or month, then we have some great tips that could help manage that. Especially for those who may be still working part time, these tips can be your saviour.

  1. Build your Business in 15-minute sections

People often think they don’t have any time to work on their business – but we all have 15 minutes. So, if you’re going to work, or have some time during your lunch hour – you can take 15 minutes and make some calls. You can meet up with someone for a quick coffee or you can send out a few introductory emails. There is so much you can get done in 15 minutes.

  1. Fill in Your Calendar

People who are successful in Network Marketing live by their calendar. Make notes of what you need to do at the end of the week and put it into your calendar.

Mark down what you need to do and when you want to have it done by. Write out what goals you want to achieve. Then the following week, review what you got done and plan for the next week.


If you keep these tips in mind with managing your time, you’ll be well on your way to building a successful business.