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New Back Office Training Video

LifeWave recently switched to a new Back Office system, and this video teaches you everything you need to know about using it. Just login to your Back Office, click Resources in the upper right, then Marketing Tools on the left. Next, choose your preferred language under Back Office Training to view the video. The video is currently available in English, German and Danish.

WinFit: Health and Business Tips for Achieving Goals

LifeWave products are designed to improve your life, both personally and professionally, and WinFit is certainly no exception. Below are two tips for (1) tracking your fitness goals and (2) expanding your LifeWave business with WinFit.

1. Tracking Your Progress Through Body Fat Calculation

This first tip is in response to a body fat question fielded by LifeWave Customer Service. With that said, please be aware that electronic devices for measuring body fat, despite their convenience, are not the best method because they have a lot of variability. A skin pinch test, on the other hand, is more accurate provided you know how to do it properly.

Once you know your body fat percentage, use the equation example below (with your variables plugged in) to track progress. In the following hypothetical scenario, the person loses seven pounds (three kilograms) of body fat and gains two pounds (one kilogram) of muscle after using WinFit for one month:

  • Starting numbers: 200 pounds (91 kilograms) of body weight x 20% body fat = 40 pounds (18 kilograms) of fat and 160 pounds (72.5 kilograms) of muscle
  • After one month: 195 pounds (88 kilograms) of body weight x 17% body fat = 33 pounds (15 kilograms) of body fat and 162 pounds (73 kilograms) of muscle

2. Hosting Meetings: A Powerful Way to Capitalize on WinFit

Our Austrian team sets an outstanding example for all LifeWave business builders. In mid September, shortly after the WinFit launch in Copenhagen, they decided to host an event to capitalize on its unprecedented momentum. With over 245 tickets sold in a short period of time, the event was an unequivocal success!

According to Peter Siwatz, one of our Members and a host of the event: “The people love the product and cannot wait to get their hands on it!” Along with Peter, we want to congratulate and thank Gitti Siwatz, Siggi Feichter, Brigitte Feichter, Hermine Mock and Roswitha Unterwieser for organizing this event.

As WinFit continues to soar with unmatched sales, there’s no better time to host a similar event of your own. And don’t forget to download our full range of marketing support materials to help attract attendees. To access these materials, login to your Back Office, click the Resources tab at the top of the page and then click Marketing Tools on the left-hand side.

WinFit: Translated Marketing Materials Now in the Back Office!

We have a full range of translated WinFit marketing materials, now available in your new Back Office. These beautifully designed, full-color pieces will support your personal fitness goals, while elevating your business-building efforts.

Downloadable WinFit Materials in Your Back Office:

  • WinFit Brochure
  • WinFit Story (As told by David Schmidt)
  • WinFit System Guide and Instructions
  • WinFit Sample Schedule
  • WinFit Daily Checklist

To access these materials, login to your Back Office, click the Resources tab at the top of the page and then click Marketing Tools on the left-hand side.

2015 Kickoff – Success Mottos from Darren Hardy’s Presentation

By all accounts, the 2015 Las Vegas Kickoff event was an unmitigated success. Guests who sought to hone their business-building skills were privy to an outstanding presentation from Darren Hardy, Founding Editor of SUCCESS magazine.

We’ve taken the liberty of compiling some key success mottos, taken directly from Darren’s presentation:

  • You cannot own success. Rent is due everyday.
  • Success is earned by HARD WORK. There are no shortcuts.
  • Your diversity is your ADVANTAGE. It builds muscle NOT wounds.
  • Stop looking for the quick fix for success, happiness and wealth. You’ve just got to grind it out and work hard.
  • Success is earned one day and one step at a time. One decision at a time. One phone call at a time. One meeting at a time.
  • There’s a difference between knowing the path and walking the path.
  • In life, you will sufferone of two pains: The pain of discipline or the pain of regret. The pain of discipline weighs ounces; the pain of regret weighs tons.
  • You are 100 percent responsible for what you do, don’t do and how you respond to what happens to you.
  • If you want to have more… you have to BECOME
  • Success is not something you pursue. Success is something you become. Who are you becoming?  Who do you have to become to have that thing you want?
  • Do something everyday that scares you.
  • Fear will hold you back. If you can turn fear into fun, the floodgates will open. Your potential will be released.

Darren has mentored thousands of entrepreneurs, top CEOs and other high-performance individuals. This veteran of the personal development industry has also interviewed such noteworthy achievers as: Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, Warren Buffet, Donald Trump, Howard Schultz (Starbucks), Charles Schwab and Jeff Bezos (Amazon).

Now you can use his helpful tips to help build your LifeWave business!

Direct Selling Association – The Importance of LifeWave’s Membership

Anyone familiar with LifeWave knows that providing efficacious products is one of our highest priorities as a company. As evidenced by our membership in the Direct Selling Association (DSA), this same commitment to integrity also applies to how we conduct business.

The DSA is the national trade association of leading firms that manufacture and distribute goods and services sold directly to consumers. Membership in this revered organization requires adherence to a strong set of ideals.

In fact, the DSA’s Code of Ethics is the foundation of its commitment to ethical business practices and consumer service. Every member company pledges to abide by these standards and procedures as a condition of admission and continuing membership.

It’s important to note that our connection to the DSA also goes beyond our membership. LifeWave President, Mike Collins, filled executive leadership roles for two of Network Marketing’s largest and most successful companies before joining our company. During this time, he was also an active participant in the DSA, and served as a member of the Board of Directors of the Direct Selling Education Foundation for six years.

“This important chapter in my career taught me a whole new approach to management, one that encourages and incentivizes people towards greatness they often don’t even know they have,” says Mike. “It also made me intimately familiar with the DSA, the preeminent organization for ensuring ethical business practices in our industry.”

LifeWave Members should find comfort in knowing that our company so naturally aligns with the DSA’s mission. Further, that our executive Leaders are extremely well versed in its respective requirements and protocols. Of course, we’re equally fortunate to have Members who uphold these ever-important values.


Great Tips for Enrolling New Members

To enroll new Members in the back office, start by clicking the “Organization” tab at the top of the page and then choosing “Enroll New” in the left-side navigation. Once they agree to our Electronic Consent form and choose a country of residence, they can then choose the enrollment package that’s most suitable.

Next, enrollees are required to enter personal information for their business center. It’s crucial that this personal information is accurate, so please ensure that new Members are as thorough and careful as possible when completing this part of the process.

The next page lists Autoship options, which is a great way to remain in active status without having to login to the system and place a monthly order. Those not interested in our Autoship program can continue to the next page, where they can add additional items to the enrollment package order. This saves them from having to place a separate order and pay additional shipping.

Next comes the Order Confirmation page, which is for verifying the order, choosing a preferred shipping method and entering the chosen form of payment.

Lastly, please be sure to set a Preferred Placement before enrolling new Members. Do this by logging in to the back office and choosing “My Profile” in the top right portion of the page and then “Preferred Placement” in the left-side navigation. To finish, use the pull-down option to choose either “Left Leg” or “Right Leg”, and click the “Save Changes” button.

Please reach out to LifeWave Customer Service with any questions or concerns, and good luck enrolling new Members!

Great Tips for LifeWave Business Builders

The direct selling industry gives people from all walks of life a chance to prosper. Here are some widely known ways to come out on top:*

  • Listen and learn – Absorb and apply knowledge from your upline Leaders. These trailblazers thrive for a reason, and their own success is predicated on sharing insights with fellow Members and prospects.
  • Develop your dreams, goals and objectives – Picture your life without the limitations of time and money, and develop your goals accordingly. Let this dream vision define your boundless potential.
  • Always persevere – Success requires connecting with a lot of people, making a multitude of presentations and sometimes facing rejection. Determination and a positive attitude will help you prevail.
  • Make as many friends as possible – If you’re in this business, you probably enjoy meeting and socializing with others. Direct selling is a great opportunity to make new friends who can also help build your LifeWave business. The more friends you make and inspire about LifeWave, the greater chance you have to achieve your goals.