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Take Advantage of our Momentum

Have you heard? LifeWave is paying out commissions these days that haven’t been seen in years! In fact in a recent week the commissions pay out total was greater than we have seen in at least 5 years! Here’s another way to look at it: Compared to June of 2018 before X39™, and commissions in April, they have tripled! This is the definition of momentum. You are living it and seeing it right now.


“I would like to extend my personal thanks and gratitude to all of our members who have made the launch of X39 such an extraordinary success. Your efforts, and the efforts of your teams, are dramatically improving the quality of life for people around the globe. We have truly now entered the reality in which stem cell science is available to everyone.” 

-From CEO, Founder and X39™ Inventor, David Schmidt


There is never a better time to be in LifeWave as we look forward to celebrating our 15 Year Anniversary in November!  And with what we have planned for the rest of 2019 and beyond, it is going to only get better… and better! So take advantage of all that is here and share our amazing technology and opportunity everywhere you go, and show others how to do the same, as we build to a Billion… together.

Our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

As you patch people and help them discover the power and great benefits of our family of LifeWave products, always remember that they have 30 days to try LifeWave, with no risk. 30 days! You know what often happens in 5 minutes… or 2 hours.. a day or two… a week… wearing LifeWave technology. You can count on LifeWave to perform! Remind them they can buy with confidence because there is an ‘Any Reason 30-day Money Back Guarantee” behind every purchase. Our returns are almost non-existent. Don’t be shy about using our guarantee as part of the logic for anyone trying LifeWave!

Never Quit!

When Jim Caldwell, our VP of Marketing, was in the Philippines recently during the Asian X39™ Launch with our CEO David Schmidt, he had a great conversation with one of our LifeWave leaders about staying the course and remaining positive, despite set-backs. As Jim puts it, “In life, set-backs happen. It is part of living. But ‘success is failure turned inside out’ as that famous poem, Don’t Quit, by John Greenleaf Whittier, points out.”

The leader Jim spoke with talked about a trade show he had gone to where he paid thousands of dollars to be there, hoping to develop some quality leads for his LifeWave business. “He was a bit discouraged near the end of the show, as he had met really no one who he felt was worthy of the money he had spent to be there. He thought it was going to be a serious waste of money. But then, someone walked up, asked a number of smart questions, proved to be a highly influential medical doctor with a PhD as well. That prospect was the sole quality lead from that trade show, but he went on to be pivotal in helping LifeWave corporate open up an entire country!” Jim exclaimed. The LifeWave leader? He’ll recoup the cost of that trade show many times over.

Bottom line: never quit! You never know when that next step, that next meeting, that next 3-way call, that next lead… just may turn out to be the biggest of a lifetime!


Starters can now earn Retail Commissions

As you know, in some countries, where the economic conditions and circumstances can be challenging, affording a position package such as Gold or Diamond can be difficult for some. We realize people need an option to use their own sweat equity to climb… to rise to the top within Lifewave, no matter where they live or what their situation.

We are happy to announce that new members who join as a Starter will be able to earn retail commissions as well as product introduction bonuses on new members they enroll. This will allow them to become established in the network, get to know the LifeWave business better, and to earn some money that eventually can allow them to advance within the organisation.

Even though Starters have no inventory, cannot buy product at a better discount than comes with a higher enrollment package and cannot effectively experience LifeWave technology, they will be in a position to share the business with others and urge others to try the technology, based on what they know and hear from other users…and earn some money doing it.

Becoming a Starter is a start… but of course anyone who is serious about building a LifeWave business, will consistently be urging anyone to enroll as a Gold or higher to be able to start experiencing the full benefits of LifeWave.

So when someone really has the interest but no money to commit, they can get started for almost nothing and start earning cash. The New Starter Program: There when you need it.


Tips on how to run a successful Network Marketing meeting

Running a success opportunity meeting can play a huge role in helping to build your business. It’s a key part in helping your team discover more about the LifeWave opportunity and products, and ultimately will help you grow your own business. Meetings ultimately help your team gain the confidence and business knowledge they need to create success in this great LifeWave business.

Tip #1 Make sure the venue works for you and your guests

If you are holding a meeting in a venue other than your home, make sure the location:

  • Is centrally located, ideally near public transportation
  • Has enough parking on-site or on the street
  • Has all of the seating and equipment you need, including a projector and screen, before you put a deposit down.


If you do decide to hold the meeting in your home:

  • Make sure you have adequate space and chairs to seat people.
  • Can people can find your home? (Put a LifeWave sign outside the door or at your mail box to let them know they have arrived at the correct location)
  • If you are serving refreshments after the meeting, keep it super simple!


Tip # 2 Remember it is ALL about Your Guests

The purpose of holding this meeting is to show prospective members the benefits of LifeWave, whether better health or a vehicle to greater wealth. It is a platform to not only explain how LifeWave has changed your life, but more importantly how it can change theirs. As you show them the X39™ video and the new business opportunity power point… as you perhaps “patch” them to help relieve some of their pain, you want them to be asking you buying questions at the end: “How much does it cost to get started?” “Can I work part time?” “Can I try X39™?” “What is on the APP?” If they are asking those types of questions, they are ready to move forward. A series of steps forward lead to them joining because they have sold themselves!

Tip #3 Use Testimonials Effectively

If possible, involve other members of your team and have them give their personal testimonials about why they choose to become part of LifeWave. If you don’t have anyone else on your team there, make a presentation of testimonials from the LifeWave website, and you can show them or read through them. It is amazing how powerful testimonials can be when heard. Just make sure the testimonials you feature are relevant for the group to which you are presenting.

TIP # 4 Have a Call to Action

Make sure when you close the meeting you have a call to action. This can be a soft-sell approach that moves them to their next exposure to LifeWave (try X39™, download the APP, meet again over coffee, etc) or a more pointed close (“If you were to get started today, which position do you think makes more sense, Gold or Diamond?”… “Are you interested in trying X39™ or do you already see yourself building a team?” “How many people do you know that could use X39™? Let’s make a list!”) People like to be led. They will sense your confidence in LifeWave and follow you as long as you make sensible suggestions or ask the right questions.


Tip #5 Follow up

Finally, follow up on everyone who attended your meeting, including your distributors. This is an area where many fall down! They invite a new prospect to a meeting, successfully have them ready to take a next step, and then they wait for the person to ring them?!?! Being passive like that will not lead to the success you want! Lay the proper ground-work at the meeting so they expect your follow-up call or email. Of course everyone is different. You will tailor your follow-up to what occurred the night before. But do it well at the meeting and people will be glad you called the next day. Be prepared as described herein and you will be surprised how fast your business can grow!