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What Happens to Your Body When You Consume Greasy Food?

You know when you get a craving for a particular food; fried, greasy and full of calories? We know that eating greasy food increases inflammation in the body, but do you know what other effects if has on you?

  1. Gut Bacteria

Consuming a juicy cheeseburger may satisfy your wants for two minutes, but the bacteria in your gut won’t thank you for it. In order to function properly, your body needs a whole range of vitamins and minerals, many of these are found in unrefined, unprocessed foods such as fruit and veg. The microorganisms in your gut need unsaturated fats from fish and avocados, so putting fast-food into your system will completely throw your immune health and hormones off course to a huge extent.

  1. Your Skin

Constantly putting in greasy food to your body results in your skin developing conditions like acne. Although acne is commonly associated with teenagers, adult acne is very common, much of it down to ingesting too much greasy food on a regular basis.

  1. Digestive Problems

After consuming greasy food, a rise in trips to the bathroom is not uncommon. As the food sits in your stomach, digestive problems and stomach pains are expected, resulting in huge discomfort for a time after eating. These issues are associated with inflammation in the body leading to more severe problems such as irritable bowel syndrome and reflux.

  1. Heart Disease

Frequently consuming greasy food means you are at a higher risk of developing heart disease and diabetes. Cholesterol levels are typically higher for individuals consuming such foods. Obesity is more common among those consuming greasy food along with high blood pressure and type two diabetes.

Activating Stem Cells with Intermittent Fasting!

Intermittent fasting is a great way to trigger stem cell activation.
There are many studies showing how fasting for up to 3 days may reduce inflammation and boost the immune system by increasing white blood cell count.*
Prolonged fasts have also been shown to regulate stem cell populations independently of chemotherapy, helped to reverse senescence, and impact regeneration.
Fasting may also reduce damage in bone marrow stem cells and protect against chemotoxicity.


Can Activating Stem Cells Save You from Migraines?

Everyone’s migraine experience is different, but one thing that is common is that nobody ever wants to have one. Pain and migraine symptoms can last from 4 – 72 hours during a migraine episode, and seriously impact many sufferers’ ability to function at work, in social situations, in their day to day lives.

Migraines can be brought on by numerous situations and some people report migraines starting as a result of stimuli like bright lights, smells, or loud noises. All of these triggers excite the trigeminal nerve, one of the main nerves of the face. This nerve is responsible for transmitting sensations from the face to the brain. When the brain cells become stimulated by a migraine trigger factor, it causes the trigeminal nerve to become inflamed. This causes swelling of the blood vessels and causes severe pain in the face, jaw, head, or neck.


Some patients use over the counter drugs to try and combat the pain, while chronic sufferers often use prescription migraine medications. Unfortunately, these medications may actually increase the frequency of migraines if used too frequently over long periods.

In a therapy called SVF, stem cells are used to treat trigeminal nerve inflammation and thus, reduce migraine pain. If they can be activated, stem cells work to combat inflammation of the trigeminal nerve.

Our new patch, the X39, launching in January 2019, has the power to elevate a peptide known to activate stem cells. We have already received in a testimonial from a person that was able to rapidly relieve a migraine headache with the X39.  This is anecdotal of course, but we look forward to studying this further.

Can Stem Cells Really Fight Aging?

We all want to fight the battle against aging but lathering ourselves in lotions and potions isn’t enough to combat the inevitable. What if we could fight the aging process from the inside out without creams or surgery?!

As we age, we lose elasticity in our skin, making wrinkles more visible as time goes by. The fresh, youthful look starts to fade and as much as we want it to slow down or stop, most people give up and think there is nothing that can be done… until now!

Did you know that Stem Cells have a powerful effect on aging? These cells have the ability to duplicate and repair the collagen in our skin – helping to reduce wrinkles and skin elasticity over time.

We’ve developed a patch which has the ability to elevate a peptide known to activate stem cells. The aging process may have met it’s match!

Study into intermittent fasting suggests weight loss benefits

One of the first studies into the effects of a 16:8 fasting diet on obese subjects has found it is effective in helping lose weight.

Published in the Journal of Nutrition and Healthy Aging, new research from the University of Illinois at Chicago has examined a form of time-restricted eating known as the 16:8 diet and the small study has found it could indeed be an effective form of weight loss. This 16:8 method is essentially what we use in our WinFit Body Shaping System.

The subjects in the study were not given controlled diets but rather told to continue eating as normal but to limit their food intake to between the hours of 10 am and 6 pm. After 12 weeks the results interestingly showed that the 16:8 group seemed to instinctively have reduced their overall daily caloric intake by about 300 calories. Their overall body weight had also dropped by around three percent, compared to the historical control group.

More research is needed, but the preliminary evidence is certainly promising.

We have always promoted our WinFit Body Shaping system as a healthy way to reduce body fat, increase muscle tone and enhance overall wellness.   Now here is more scientific evidence as to why intermittent fasting is good for everyone.