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Research Finds Dark Chocolate Reduces Stress and Inflammation

Dark chocolate is full of antioxidants that help the body to prevent disease, but did you know the cacao in dark chocolate can also aid in cognitive development. The study, undertaken by Loma Linda University, has shown that there are amazing health benefits of concentrated cacao.

The more concentrated the chocolate, the more beneficial for the body, the researchers reveal. The first study was carried out on five individuals who avoided high-antioxidant foods 2 days prior to the study.

The subjects then consumed 48g of dark chocolate enriched in cacao (over 70%) every day for over a week. After consumption, blood samples and total RNA assays were taken where researchers observed a boosted T-Cell activation, immune response and a trigger in genes associated with neural signal and sensory perception, which are linked to the brain being more receptive to learning new skills and improved memory, also known as hyperelasticity.

Study number two was carried out amongst five other individuals given 48g (70% concentration) consuming almost 50g of dark chocolate. Electrodes were placed at nine different regions on the brain measuring electroencephalography response, both a half hour and two hours after eating the chocolate. What was observed was from the subjects was a boosted neuroplasticity in areas of the brain linked with behavioural and brain health.

Overall, the researchers found that the higher the concentration of cacao, the greater the impact on the cognitive memory, mood and immunity.

What an amazing find! Dark chocolate would be a good compliment to our patches in an overall healthy lifestyle.

Is Our Attention Influenced By Our Breathing?

Research carried out in Trinity College Dublin has found that there is a neurophysiological connection between respiration and cognition. The way we breath can have a positive effect on our emotions and moods and recently the researchers from Trinity College have discovered the first neurophysiological connection between breathing and attention in the brain.

The research focused in on the locus coeruleus in the brain which is responsible for creating a hormone and neurotransmitter, namely noradrenaline. Author of the study Michael Melnychuk explains that when the human body feels stressed or sluggish we can’t focus either because we are producing too much or too little noradrenaline. There is a happy medium of noradrenaline where our emotions, thinking and memory are much brighter. The result of the study is that there is a link between attention and respiration that is adjusted through the locus coeruleus. Focusing in on our breathing can positively impact our attention levels which leads to the question if we are able to control our levels of noradrenaline through respiration. This study was published in the journal of Psychophysiology and leads to the question of whether or not non-pharmacological treatments will be available to people with ADHD or dementia.

5 Simple Ways to Feel Amazing!

We all want to look and feel the very best we can, but sometimes this can become somewhat of a challenge while juggling the other elements in our lives. These simple, easy-to-follow tips can help you reduce stress, feel more energised and ultimately feel more content!

  1. Go Outdoors

Taking a short walk outdoors can help clear your head of any angst you feel, by exercising your body releases endorphins, making you feel just great. In fact, exercise is one of the best ways to overcome depression and increase your overall wellbeing. In a study carried out, it was proven that in just 20 minutes outside, people are happier than they were before going outdoors.

  1. Help Others

The sense of giving back to others can help you yourself feel amazing! The social side of helping others can contribute to your own happiness. Helping others gives you a greater sense of purpose and can even result in feel good hormones such as oxytocin being released in the body, lowering your cortisol or stress hormones.

  1. Rest

Lack of proper rest can make you feel more negative and more susceptible to bad moods. Getting the recommended amount of sleep has been found to leave people more optimistic about the future, with greater self-esteem and with a more powerful ability at problem solving.

  1. Smile

Smiling can increase your mood tenfold, creating more positivity in the mind, it can even make difficult situations seems less of a challenge. By passing on a smile, you not only make yourself feel amazing but others too! This creates a knock-on effect with people, sending happiness and positivity around.

  1. Be Grateful

Being thankful for what you have improves your ability to cope with stress! Looking at what you have and not comparing yourself to anybody else helps to harness positivity in the body, in fact experts recommend keeping a journal of gratitude and writing in it daily, expressing what you are grateful for.

Youth Team Strikes AGAIN!

Mark Burt attended the 2017 NBHA Youth World Championships in Perry, Georgia where he patched a lot of horses with LifeWave Aculife patches, including the 2017 NBHA Teen 1D World Champion Youth Team Member McKenzie Morgan (TN) & her super horse, in Firewaters Honor aka “H2”.

They stopped the clock at 14.860 to take the win against some very stiff competition. McKenzie said during the awards ceremony that “H2 just LOVES his patches!” McKenzie and H2 also clocked the second fastest time of 3,845 runs with a 14.742 in the 2nd Go of the Teens against 1,123 horses!

Mark also patched horses in the Youth Division including Summer Pauly (KY) & her horse Dinky’s Speeding Jet. He said, “After running a 15.428 in the 1st Go, we patched her horse up for the 2nd Go and Summer took care of business and shaved off .456 seconds to win 4th in the 1D against 630 riders!”

An Earth-Friendly Approach to LifeWave Marketing!

Much like a healthy body, a healthy Earth is crucial to our well-being. That’s why we’re proud to announce that the majority of LifeWave support materials are available in a digital format. This is just one important way we can help reduce our carbon footprint.

Download These Materials in the LifeWave Back Office
Downloadable PDFs of product brochures, PowerPoint presentations and more are available in the LifeWave Back Office here: RESOURCES > Marketing Tools.

PLEASE NOTE: Printed instructions for use will still be included with all LifeWave product purchases. In addition, the LifeWave Comp Plan, Success Made Simple (SMS) guides, and Order Stuffers will continue to be in printed form.