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Stem Cell Injections and our Wonderful Alternative

Here’s another article that is a wake-up call to anyone considering stem cell injections and that easily positions X39™ as a safe, non-invasive, non-drug alternative that anyone can try… and that comes with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee!  Name one stem cell “procedure” that comes with that level of confidence.  Add this article to your arsenal to set LifeWave apart… in a class by itself.

Remember, The Mind is a Powerful Thing!

You’ve heard the stories. You probably have experienced it yourself. That period of time, that moment, that day… when you or someone you know was “in the zone” and everything just worked out perfectly.  Whether on the sports field or in a business setting, where every shot is perfect, every outcome is exactly as you would hope. There is no better feeling than things playing out exactly as you want. The key?  Your mindset.  Learning to “see” what you want, having the abilities to do what you envision, and following through on that confidence despite any obstacles that might stop a lesser person.  You can do it!  And with LifeWave as your success vehicle, your intent to be great in this business and LifeWave products keeping your body “tuned”… the sky’s the limit!

Study shows how diet can prevent a mid-life microbiome crisis and improve brain health

This a great article that ties in cognitive skills as it relates to prebiotics and your “gut” health. As you read you learn: “A number of physiological and psychological changes occur as we age, and many studies have shown that our gut microbiome also changes as we grow older. A fascinating new study is suggesting that a shift in gut bacteria in our middle-age could trigger a process that plays a role in cognitive decline in our later years. And diet may be the key to encouraging the growth of beneficial bacteria that benefit healthy brain aging.”


But we have products that can aid in this area of cognitive health too, don’t we? Carnosine supports the health of the brain and X39 boosts health at the cellular level supporting, among other things, good digestive health.  So eat right, stay hydrated and pay attention to how you support better digestive health with prebiotics.  And use LifeWave products!  Encourage others to the same to stay sharp as we all work to be younger next year!

New Study Shows: Stress Eating Causes More Weight Gain Than Eating When Calm

This great article, from the Cell Metabolism journal, highlights findings that support the value of adding Aeon to your daily regimen. Aeon is clinically proven to reduce stress in your body and it promotes relaxation. One needn’t read any further than the opening line in this article to sit up and take note: “A striking new study from Australian researchers has discovered that eating while stressed may lead to greater weight gain than if the same caloric load was consumed in a stress-free environment.” What!? Yes, that is what the study shows. I don’t know about you, but all things being equal, I would like to NOT gain weight if I can help it!  Read this article to learn more… and put Aeon to work!


The Science of Photobiomodulation

Photobiomodulation, or PBM for short, is a great term you can use when discussing our unique form of wellness technology with someone who wants to hear more about the technology, after you have shown them the X39™ video.  Recently David Schmidt our Founder and CEO, held a general product training webinar on our technology and discussed how the science of PBM has gone mainstream. He referenced a great article on it that can be seen here. It was written by Michael R. Hamblin, PhD., a Harvard Medical School associate professor and an affiliate at the Wellman Center for Photomedicine at the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston.  What is significant about this article is that it gets into the role low-level light plays in various forms of wellness therapy and validates the concept associated with what LifeWave patches do using light to stimulate the skin for balancing our biochemistry. It’s great to know experts at the highest level in academic research already know the power of light in helping the body perform better or heal faster… and LifeWave is there!