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Introducing LifeWave University!

Spearheaded by industry expert, Stacey O’Byrne, LifeWave University will help Distributors of all levels, capabilities, and expertise maximize their business-building efforts. If you’re looking to create the life and business you always wanted, this ongoing curriculum is key to reaching your desired goals. We couldn’t be more thrilled to welcome Stacey to the LifeWave global community!

Attend Our Introductory Webinar June 20!
Join this LifeWave training webinar to learn more about our great new product coming soon! Plus, learn why LifeWave University is the missing ingredient in your path to success!

Attending Our Second Webinar June 28!

Profile: Stacey O’Byrne of LifeWave University

Stacey is a woman of many talents and endeavors. Among her myriad of pursuits, she’s a speaker, trainer, certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming trainer, certified Master Coach and a TEAM Referral Network Franchise owner. She’s also the author of Secrets to Becoming a Master Networker.

Based in San Diego, Stacey helps small business owners, entrepreneurs, and sales teams increase their sales and bottom line profits. By teaching them effective networking, sales, leadership and business strategies that are immediately implementable, she offers a solid foundation for success.

“I help small business owners, entrepreneurs and sales professionals create their destiny with purpose and make their dreams a reality,” says Stacey. “I truly believe in TEAM’s philosophy to my core: Together Everyone Achieves More!”

Growing successful businesses, increasing sales and making money has always come easily to Stacey because it’s her personal passion. That passion will certainly take center stage with LifeWave University.

Welcome to LifeWave Stacey, we’re so fortunate to have you on our team!

Attend our New Product Training Webinar!

Attend our June 6 webinar for the full unveiling of our game-changing, new product. LifeWave has built its reputation on developing products that redefine boundaries in the world of health and wellness. This product continues this bold tradition with benefits unlike anything we’ve offered before. Don’t miss this important webinar!

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New Product Training Webinars Open to All Members!

Previously only available to WinFit purchasers, our weekly WinFit webinars are now product training webinars that are open to ALL LifeWave members. Topics will cover all LifeWave products, in addition to WinFit, with the exclusive opportunity to ask questions and learn from our Founder and CEO David Schmidt. David is the mastermind behind all LifeWave products, so be sure to join us for insights you can’t gain anywhere else!

Note to WinFit Purchasers
If you already registered for the previous WinFit webinars, there’s no further action required. Just attend and enjoy!

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