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Company Milestone – Personal Message from President Mike Collins

As our tenth anniversary approaches, I’d like to take this opportunity to reflect on my own history and how it’s led to my current position as LifeWave President. To begin with, let’s turn back the clock to the early stages of my career.

After graduating from The University of Notre Dame and serving my country in the U.S. Army, I was hired by Procter and Gamble to fill an executive sales position. A few years later, PepsiCo recruited me, where I ultimately rose to Division Vice President of Sales.

Next, I began an important chapter in my career, filling executive leadership roles for two of Network Marketing’s largest and most successful companies. This experience taught me a whole new approach to management, one that encourages and incentivizes people towards greatness they often don’t even know they have.

I saw how people could reach incredible income levels, travel the world, earn incentives and garner recognition that’s only possible in the Network Marketing industry. During this time, I was also an active participant in the Direct Selling Association (DSA), and served as a member of the Board of Directors of the Direct Selling Education Foundation for six years.

At this point, I decided to become a general consultant for various Network Marketing companies. It was also around this time that I received an important call from an early LifeWave Leader. The company was only a year old at the time and off to a great start, but he realized I could help structure it for future success.

Before I met Founder and CEO, David Schmidt, I attended a LifeWave meeting in Orange County, California, where I was given a packet of Energy Enhancer patches. I used them the very next day and they had a tremendously positive effect on my mental clarity and energy level. I already knew I had to be involved!

A month later David moved the company to San Diego, where we met for lunch in La Jolla. David’s amazing communication skills and impassioned belief in his technology inspired me to take action. A week later, I sent him a note that read: “I have to get in the batter’s box and start swinging!”

As a result, he offered me the Executive Vice President position, and in January of 2006 I became LifeWave President. David and I worked together to build the staff, nurture our European markets, develop key functions and create a public persona that emphasizes substance over flash. In our case, that was a natural evolution given the efficacy of our products.

Like any great partnership, ours is based on mutually beneficial sets of skills and talents. I was attracted to LifeWave’s technology, and David’s believability, credibility and brilliance. I also knew that LifeWave was poised to blossom worldwide.

On the flipside, David saw the guidance, experience and leadership I could provide. I had connectivity to the DSA, service providers, and a universe of contacts, along with vast experience dealing with field Leaders. And what an amazing journey it’s been thus far!

After ten eventful years, LifeWave still feels like a new company, and I truly believe the best is yet to come. If there’s anything I’ve learned from my experience, it’s that people really are the most valuable asset to any Network Marketing company.

Thanks to all of our Members, without whom, our success would never be possible. Here’s to a brilliant future of prosperity and the transformative powers of LifeWave!

A Message from Founder and CEO David Schmidt

During the month of May, President Mike Collins and I had the privilege of meeting amazing LifeWave Leaders and Members during our three-city Europe tour. I would like to congratulate everyone that helped promote these events and make them an extraordinary success.

This was an exceptionally good tour for a number of reasons. Of special note is the event in Lyon, France, where renowned pain management expert Dr. Pierre Volckmann made an engaging presentation on his clinical study of our IceWave product.

As many of you know, the results of his study – now posted on our corporate website – found that a staggering 90 percent of participants experienced pain relief! These miraculous results are yet another testament to the efficacy of our products, and we’re delighted to have this outstanding third-party verification of our credibility and technology.

After our meetings I took a brief trip to Rome, where my sister in law (who I was meeting for the first time) had been hospitalized for a minor heart attack. When I arrived she was under close observation, too weak to get out of bed or walk, and having difficulty breathing.

I applied LifeWave’s Energy Enhancer patches to the lung points on her wrist. I then applied a Y-Age Aeon Patch to the back of her neck and gave her Theta One supplement.

Shortly after my arrival, her condition had improved considerably. In fact, she felt so much better she got out of bed and started walking around the hospital, and incredibly she was released the following day. She and her husband were literally in tears.

Of course, I was very grateful to be of assistance and aid in her recovery. We are so fortunate to offer products that can make a dramatic impact on quality of life and blessed to earn a livelihood by helping people in the process.

A Personal Message From President Mike Collins

Dear LifeWave Family Members:

It is now the beginning of May, a time to begin looking forward to a fantastic summer. I hope you will all be able to take some time off in the weeks ahead for a vacation to spend time with your family and enjoy the world.

It’s hard to believe that it was only a few months ago that we launched the most successful product in the history of our company: CORSENTIALS. This fantastic product set new records for LifeWave and changed the world for us in several ways:

  • First, CORSENTIALS has produced tremendous health benefits for everyone who has used it, and in most cases people feel the results within just a few minutes.
  • Second, this product has quickly become the cornerstone on which our Members are building their businesses.  No doubt, from this standpoint alone, CORSENTIALS has been a tremendous success in every way.
  • And third, CORSENTIALS has given LifeWave the entry point into the $300 billion global nutrition market, thus expanding our market exponentially.

In light of these achievements, and despite our best efforts in planning our supply and inventory of CORSENTIALS, we ran out the product because of the incredibly high demand that came from our Members.  We have been working extremely hard since then to assure that we have replacement inventory available as soon as possible, and that we never run out of this product again.  Both of these problems are well on their way to being solved.

While all of us regret that we ran out of our supply CORSENTIALS, we must also realize that the reason this out-of-stock situation occurred was the overwhelming popularity of the product.

As we move forward through the rest of the year, I know I can count on you to join with us in making CORSENTIALS the centerpiece of our  business and the first product that we show to new prospects. We want to make sure that as many people as possible get to experience this tremendous product and fantastic business opportunity!

Have a great summer, and please continue to check our calendar as we will be scheduling various meetings to support your business endeavors. Also, don’t forget LifeWave’s  10th Anniversary cruise, which takes place in November.  Please check your Back Office and make plans to be with us in the beautiful Caribbean for this all-important milestone.

Personal Message From Founder/CEO, David Schmidt

The genesis of Theta Nutrition was the realization that a brand new type of experience was needed for people who had been using traditional nutrition supplements. I had been using nutrition supplements myself since I was very young. My personal experience had been that while I purchased and used products that I had an intellectual belief in, I never really felt that these products would work. So with that in mind, we set this goal: create something that would be more than just another line of supplements. In fact, we wanted to create an entirely new technology in nutrition: a new technology that would be so revolutionary that it would allow people to experience benefits the very first day they used it!

As LifeWave Members know, we achieved that goal, and demonstrated it to the world, with the launch of Theta Mind. This past weekend, we were able to take this concept to an entirely new level with the launch of Theta One and CORSENTIALS. These are, quite literally, our most advanced products yet.

The overwhelming feedback from Members who have used Theta One and CORSENTIALS is that in less than ten minutes, they feel an improvement in energy, vitality and well-being. More importantly, the benefits do not stop there. In just 5-10 short days, Members are coming back and telling us that this product is actually transforming their lives with improvements in lean body mass, greater strength and stamina, radiant skin, and a whole host of other benefits!

In the $300 billion a year global nutrition market, which is expected to grow to $1 trillion over the next few years, LifeWave produces the only product that allows people to experience results quickly and with dramatic life-changing effects. The verdict is in: this will be LifeWave’s best year yet.

Personal Message From President, Mike Collins

Dear LifeWave Family Members,

Happy New Year!

As good as 2013 was, I am confident that 2014 will be truly phenomenal. That confidence comes from the knowledge that we are developing unparalleled and exciting new cutting-edge products, strategies and marketing ideas for the new year.

As you may know, we recently completed development of a brand new product called Theta One. As everyone will soon find out, Theta One is a revolutionary new nutritional product that is quintessentially LifeWave: you cannot get anything like it anywhere else. It is amazing and will give our Members a substantial new tool to build their businesses throughout the year; its cutting-edge nature is such that we also believe that it will be a solid business base for many years to come. The simplicity and elegance of Theta One is matched only by the simplicity and elegance of the overall LifeWave business model. In fact, we are committed to achieving an even greater degree of synergism between our products and your business. That trend will continue as LifeWave grows exponentially around the world. That means that our Members are in a position to achieve a level of success that some never thought possible.

Our plan for 2014 has a number of BIG surprises. First up, we have two new promotions! They are completely different, but equally fantastic, opportunities for our Members. The first is called the “Pot of Gold.” If you are a Gold enrollment, or upgrade to a Gold, and then sponsor three new Gold enrollments, we will upgrade you to a Diamond. You will also get a very special gift (to be disclosed at a later date).

The second promotion will be your opportunity to earn a spot on the LifeWave 10th anniversary Caribbean cruise! It will be uniquely exciting to have hundreds of our Members sailing together in the beautiful Caribbean while celebrating ten years of consistent success!

In future messages, I will be able to share much more. Your best opportunity to find out what’s coming up is to attend one of the launch meetings that will be going on all around the world in late January and February. We begin in the U.S. with our launch meeting in Long Beach, California, on January 24 and 25. We will be lifting the curtain on the future and definitively demonstrating that 2014 will be a year to remember!