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Interesting Article on Marine Worms Ability to Regrow their Heads & Brains!

Researchers have identified several marine worm species that have evolved the ability to completely regrow their heads and brains after having them severed, despite sharing a common ancestor that couldn’t. The discovery could help scientists understand the traits that allow animals to dramatically regrow lost limbs.

This is a really interesting article, that is a must-read. Check it out HERE

LifeWave studied the flat worm planaria, which has the ability to regenerate its head, as part of the research which led to the development of X39™.  While we cannot regrow limbs or organs, X39™ harnesses a powerful, patented method to activate your stem cells and support the natural wound healing process. And that is huge!

Researchers discover link between inflammation and cognitive decline in old age

Check out this  important article that shows a connection between inflammation and cognitive decline in old age.

New research conducted over a 20-year period, suggests chronic inflammation may be a useful biomarker for future cognitive decline in later life. Alongside offering an important new risk factor for cognitive decline later in life, the research suggests treating chronic inflammation at a younger age may act as a preventative measure for future neurodegeneration.

Think about how LifeWave products can help: GHK-Cu, the copper peptide that is elevated by our new X39™ patch, is known to both manage inflammation as well as improve cognitive function. Carnosine, in our patch studies, has been shown to improve cognitive function in people over the age of 60. And Y-Age Aeon has been shown to be a very powerful product in managing inflammation.

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Stem cell shots linked to bacterial infection outbreak

We’ve all heard of the dangers of stem cell injections and this article is a reminder of that.

Be sure to read this news:

Health officials have reported an outbreak of bacterial infections in people who got injections of stems cells derived from umbilical cord blood. So many of these procedures are unregulated and can be detrimental to people’s health.

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LifeWave Pain-Relief: A Solution to help those feeling despair

Pain can cause a lot of distress and can affect people’s lives far more than just physical discomfort. Many people rely on prescription medication and opioids to ease their pain, thinking they have no other solution. Now with the ending of some of these medications coming to an end, it is sadly driving some people down the dark road of depression and leaving people in complete despair, with some turning to suicide as a solution. This is a sad reality of today’s world.

This article ( ) shows us what an impact this is having on individuals.

Fortunately, LifeWave has an incredible opportunity that can help avoid this crisis. The LifeWave X39 and IceWave patches are a drug-free, non-addictive solution for pain relief. Many users have reported feeling a dramatic reduction in pain within minutes of using the patches!

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Does Fasting Slow Down Aging?

Research has emerged from MIT suggesting that fasting for 24 hours helps with regeneration of stem cells!

As we age, our stem cells become less effective – making us more susceptible to infection of the body and can take recovery much longer than it would for a younger person. With this, research has proven that depriving your body of calories for a set period can have fantastic health benefits.

The team at MIT carried out tests on younger and elderly mice, restricting calories for both groups. They then took samples of intestinal stem cells and grew them in culture, evolving into mini-intestines.

It was found that the mice who were fasting for 24 hours developed twice the regeneration abilities of the other mice who consumed regular amounts of food.

Author of the study, Maria Mihaylova, clarified that fasting had an incredibly positive impact on the capability of intestinal crypts to cultivate more organoids, which is stem cell driven. Fasting generated a metabolic switch, meaning the animals could burn more fatty acids rather than carbs. With further research, it is hoped that medical treatments to burn fat and increase longevity without the need to fast!

While the scientific literature is showing the value of fasting as it relates to stem cells, in practical terms it is very difficult to fast for anyone to fast for 24 hours at a time. The LifeWave X39 patch is an effective, safe and clinically proven method of elevating a peptide known to activate stem cells, leading to extraordinary health benefits. Just simply apply the patch, and no fasting necessary.