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WinFit Launch Week: A LifeWave Celebration!

Of course, the big product launch happens September 17 in Copenhagen, but the fun hardly stops there. Starting September 19, we begin the WINFIT LAUNCH WEEK! All of our product launches have been monumental, but this year we’re taking it to another level.

Here’s a Quick Look at What’s in Store:

  • Daily webinars, from Monday through Friday, open to all of our Members. Highlights will include:
    • Product Testimonials
    • Prominent LifeWave Leaders as guest speakers
    • David Schmidt will host a different WinFit presentation each day
    • Special FLASH sales on LifeWave products—you must attend the webinars to hear about these limited offers!

This week will also feature three terrific new promotions designed to put more money in your pocket. Plus, you could earn a trip for two to a luxury resort in Florida this coming February. The release of WinFit is just too big to fit into one event, so let’s celebrate with an entire launch week for the ages!

Introducing the WinFit Body Shaping System!

After much anticipation, we’re thrilled to announce the new name and official release (September 19) of our Better Body system! WinFit is a bold, new fat-loss and body-shaping system unlike anything you’ve tried before. Now you can achieve amazing results with minimal time, effort and sacrifice:

  • Reduced Body Fat
  • Reduced Inches
  • Improved Muscle Tone
  • Increased Energy
  • Enhanced Overall Wellness

Read what others are saying about WinFit.

No Dieting. No Calorie Restrictions. No Extreme Exercise. No Pills.
These methods simply don’t work for most people, which is why we developed WinFit to help you shape your body on your terms.

How is All of This Possible?
Be in Copenhagen on September 17 to experience the launch of WinFit! Can’t attend? No problem! The launch of WinFit continues the week of September 19, with special daily webinars so you can learn everything there is to know about the system, and catapult your health and business to the next level.

Shape Your Future: Available for Purchase September 19
If you’re looking to reshape your body and boost your business-building efforts, WinFit offers an exceptional opportunity for personal and professional success. Available with purchase, we include beautifully designed marketing materials that both explain the system and help you share it with others. Whatever path you choose, we know you’ll be amazed by what WinFit can do for you!

Please Contact Customer Service with Any Questions:

An Exclusive WinFit Message from CEO David Schmidt

Four-time Mr. Olympia, Jay Cutler, once said:  “I knew if I wanted to build muscle I had to eat my carbs. I made sure that with each meal I was getting 50 to 70 grams of protein and 100 grams of carbs.”

Can this really be true? Don’t most people tell you to eat a low-carb diet?
Well, take it from Mr. Cutler, who made a profession out of building massive amounts of muscle and eliminating any evidence of fat. Eating carbs is an absolute necessity, because they’re an important source of energy. Athletes especially need this energy to drive their performance and workout routines, and carbohydrates are simply the best fuel to accomplish this.

But what about non-athletes, who simply want to lose extra fat and get lean and trim? The same rules apply. With WinFit, we’re focusing on the same thing as bodybuilders (more muscle, less fat). But we’re not trying to build massive amounts of muscle. This means we can eat the same amount of food, but just take in fewer calories than bodybuilders (not difficult since they eat 7000 calories or more a day!).

So, a typical meal could be a piece of grilled chicken with a vegetable like broccoli and some brown rice.  This will give you protein, complex carbs and fiber. Add some olive oil and real butter, and now you have the healthy fats you need to make hormones.

Bottom line: with WinFit, there’s no need to diet or make sacrifices. Just make some smart decisions on eating and stay with the program; it works!

Better Body Success Stories

In addition to testimonials from study participants, a few of our Distributors have shared their personal experiences (below) using our breakthrough fat-loss system. They’re among the first to use the system, and continue to make amazing progress with our pioneering approach.

“After just four weeks, I’ve lost inches, lost fat and gained muscle! And my core calorie conversion increased, which means my metabolism has also improved. Plus, I feel totally comfortable with the eight-hour eating window, which makes it that much easier to reach my goals. My personal trainer says she has never seen these kinds of results, and she’s a European hurdling champion. I’m totally thrilled with this system and wouldn’t stop if for anything…I can hardly wait to see where I am in six months or a year!”*
Hermine O., LifeWave Distributor

“In the past 10 years, I’ve tried so many systems but nothing has worked until now! In the first four weeks, I’ve lost 13 pounds (6 kilograms) and 3.5 inches (9 centimeters) on my waist. And I’ve done all of this with no HIIT/Tabata or isometric training…just 30-minute walks each morning. The eight-hour eating window is absolutely no problem—I’ve had no sugar cravings and never feel hungry after eating. Now that I’m starting the HIIT/Tabata and isometric training, I can’t wait to see my results!”*
Burkhard B., LifeWave Distributor 

“Overall I feel fantastic; strong, in good shape and nearly addicted to sports. I’ve lost an unbelievable 3.5 inches (9 centimeters) off my waist, and two inches (6 centimeters) off my hips! Plus, I gained over an inch (3 centimeters) on my biceps. Thank you very much for this life-changing product!”*
– Axel S., LifeWave Distributor

We want to thank Hermine, Bukhard and Axel for their insights, and wish them continued success with the better body system!

*Your results may vary and depend on a variety of factors including starting point, goals, time and effort.

Better Body System: Study Testimonials Speak Volumes!

This week we offer three new testimonials from a recent study on our breakthrough fat-loss system. Study participants are thrilled with their results, as evidenced by their comments below. And you can look forward to more telling reviews in the coming weeks. Of course, the full product unveiling happens in Copenhagen, so make sure to register online today!

 “I’ve been on the system for the last 60 days and I’ve lost 6 inches and definitely feel lighter, faster, fitter, and I’m starting to get compliments from others.”
– Lisa P.

“Over the course of the last two months with this program, I lost four and a half inches, my body fat has dropped and it just makes me feel great!”
– Warren P.

“After being on the system for 60 days, I’ve had at least half a dozen people comment about how I look trimmer and fitter. It boosts your ego and self-esteem, and makes you want to keep doing it, so you can get those last few inches off!”
– Steve S.

Better Body System: New Testimonials Just in!

We recently conducted an incredibly successful home-use test on our breakthrough fat-loss system. How successful? We’ll let some of the actual participants speak for themselves (see the testimonials below). And you can look forward to more telling reviews in the coming weeks. Of course, the full product unveiling happens in Copenhagen, so make sure to register online today!

“I lost 9.2 pounds, over 12% body fat, and 6.75 inches. That’s incredible, I’m really thrilled!”
– Gary C.

“Anybody who is looking to change their bodies and feel good about themselves should try the Better Body program. You feel like ‘I can do this…this is easy!’”
– Antionette P.

“I have been this system for eight weeks now, it has been so incredible! I have lost five inches total and three and a half inches through my belly… I just love it!”
– Kathy F.

“I feel a thousand times better than I did 60 days ago due to the program. I was able to take 4% of my body fat off. I lost about 10 pounds, gained an inch on my biceps. Overall I feel a lot better than I did so I’m very happy with the program!”
– Kevin M.