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Stress and Aging

Psychological stress has been suggested to accelerate the rate of biological aging. Y-AGE_AEON_White_Envelope_EU

A study “Work-Related Exhaustion and Telomere Length: A Population-Based Study” [1] was carried was carried out in 2012 to review this.

Work-related stress occurs when the demands of the work environment exceed the worker’s ability to cope with or control them [2]. In Europe, its prevalence is around 20% and the annual cost of work-related stress is estimated to be 20 billion euro in the 15 original European Union Member States [3]. In the US, workers experiencing fatigue were estimated to cost employers an excess of 101 billion dollars [4].

A representative sample of the Finnish working-age population was used, consisting of 2911 men and women aged 30-64. In conclusion, the data showed that work-related exhaustion is related to the acceleration of the rate of biological aging.

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slient nights

Silent Nights

Do you know what a good quality night’s sleep means?

Most of us spend half of our lives sleeping but do you know if you are getting a good quality sleep? Experts in sleep medicine and other health care fields have issued new metrics that explain exactly what a high-quality sleep is. The National Sleep Foundation, a nonprofit organisation, defined key indicators of good sleep quality in a recent report as follows:

  • Being asleep for at least 85 percent of the time you spend in bed;
  • Taking 30 minutes or less to fall asleep (or up to 60 minutes if you’re 65 or older);
  • Not waking up more than once per night for more than five minutes (or twice a night for five minutes for those 65 or older); and
  • Spending less than 20 minutes total awake after initially falling asleep.


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New and Improved Maveric for 2018!

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In the Words of CEO and Founder, David Schmidt
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Stay Tuned!
You can look forward to more updates, as we enter the production phase of the new and improved Maveric slated for 2018. We appreciate your patience and know you will love the results!

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