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LifeWave X39 Has Arrived

The LifeWave X39 Patch is officially for sale in Europe and the USA.


Our newest product is set to be our best yet. Pre-launch sales have gone tremendously well, and this new product is set to bring the LifeWave business to a whole new level.

We know you’ve all been waiting to get your hands on the official packs, so buy yours online today HERE.

Activate your Stem Cells to Increase Energy

Imagine if you could increase your energy, stave off tiredness and wake up refreshed on a daily basis, and that’s only the beginning!  Well it’s about to be possible with one little patch – the X39!

The X39 has the ability to elevate a peptide known to activate stem cells in the body. By “resetting” stem cells to a younger, healthier state, the health and vitality of the entire body can be improved.

You can increase energy at the cellular level and, in turn, boost your physical performance, speed recovery and reduce episodes of tiredness.  Boosting your health from the cellular level can have a wide range of benefits that will improve your quality of life.  Just visit  to learn more.

Regenerate Your Skin with Alavida Regenerating Trio

Our patented, proprietary form of phototherapy boosts the overall health of your skin, inside and out! With several benefits including brightening your complexion for a rejuvenated look, complete hydration, improving the appearance of skin and reducing fine lines.

With our amazing results of almost 90% of people seeing a huge overall improvement in skin appearance in just 3 weeks, 100% of individuals seeing an instant boost in skin hydration, over 70% of people confirming an enhancement in skin firmness in just 3 weeks with almost 80% experiencing a huge improvement in skin radiance in only 6 weeks!

The Regenerating Trio is made up of 2 Alavida patch sleeves, a daily refresh facial nectar and a nightly restore facial crème.

To find out more about this amazing trio visit today or contact your distributor and experience all of these benefits and more for yourself!


Stem cell-loaded hydrogel boosts healing process of aging muscles

As we get older, our cells gradually lose the ability to heal themselves.

In a recent article published in the Journal of Science Advances, it tells how researchers have developed a hydrogel that holds muscle stem cells, and by injecting this near the site of a muscle injury they can get to work repairing it.

The team says the technique could be effective at treating injuries in the elderly.

To read the full article click here:


The X39 patch is a method that is available today to boost stem cells for increasing the recovery of the muscles and improving sports performance.

Healing Benefits of Stem Cells!

Stem Cells have a multitude of benefits, and one of those is their amazing healing power.
Stem cells have the potential to repair human tissue and certain internal organs by forming new cells and producing substances to regenerate cartilage, bone, ligaments, tendons, nerve, fat, muscle, and blood vessels.
Stem cells are being investigated and researched as an innovative option for multiple conditions that affect millions of people worldwide.
These cells have an enormous potential and we’ve just begun to scratch the surface of their abilities.
More research is needed, but what we do know is that if we have the capability to elevate stem cells in the body, our ability to heal ourselves could be greatly increased. Our new X39 patch elevates a peptide know to activate stem cell production.