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Product Spotlight: Nirvana

There is no question that X39™ has captured the imagination of members across the globe. And for good reason. What members are experiencing themselves and witnessing in others is truly awesome! But remember what got us here: Our line-up of other great LifeWave products also boost health at the cellular level, allowing you to offer people many solutions to challenges they face. Nirvana is a great example… perhaps one of the most under-rated products we offer.


The Nirvana Mood Enhancer System has a patch and supplement that work together to elevate endorphins and support a prolonged sense of happiness and well-being. Endorphins are the “feel good” chemicals in the brain. Know anyone that would like to feel good? Of course you do! And what about this: Endorphins are many times more powerful than morphine at relieving pain, without the side effects. So a combination of Nirvana and Ice Wave is a powerful duo for helping ease pain! And evidence shows beta endorphins increase the production of collagen, which can lead to stronger, more healthy skin and joints, with an added anti-aging component as well.


X39™ is a powerful, perfectly-timed lead product, for sure. But you also have at your fingertips other great products, like Nirvana. Always be ready to talk about and share any of our products that are the foundation of the LifeWave opportunity.

Dr. Melinda Connor’s Dramatic Findings on X39™

If you were unable to attend our USA Live! Event in Los Angeles March 29-31, you missed what many have said was the best Live event ever. There were a number reasons why, but certainly one of them was independent scientist Dr. Melinda Connor and her 1-hour presentation on her important findings from studying X39™. Her credentials added gravitas to her statement about how impressed she was with LifeWave science. As she said: “You really have something powerful here!”


Dr. Connor gathered hard science data on a number of indicators including respiration, blood pressure, heart rate variability and more… in addition to saliva and urine testing. The bottom line: “X39 does some really cool things.” Within 24 hours she saw statistically significant changes (verified by an outside statistician) pointing to better sleep, less stress, more muscle relaxation, lower blood pressure. She also stated, “There were 16 amino acids changes in metabolism. No study I am aware of has ever shown that many changes from a single product or procedure.” Amazing. With her first clinical study completed, and another one on the way, we will keep you informed as results come in!

Combatting stress with Y-Age Aeon

It was National Stress Day this week and stress is something that affects every single one of us, whether it be in our professional or personal life. Nobody is resistant to stress.

The LifeWave patch, Y-Age Aeon, could be the solution for your stress issues. Did you know that our Aeon patches have been clinically proven to reduce stress in the body?!

Evidence shows that, Y-Age Aeon produces a balance in the nervous system, which aids in the reduction of stress and stress-related problems.

Not only can the Aeon patch reduce stress and inflammation, when used in conjunction with Y-Age Carnosine and Y-Age Glutathione, often people see an improvement in skin colour, texture and wrinkles around the face in as few as 2 weeks.

To find out more information and see how much better you could feel, log on to and discover more on this powerful patch.

Interesting Article on Marine Worms Ability to Regrow their Heads & Brains!

Researchers have identified several marine worm species that have evolved the ability to completely regrow their heads and brains after having them severed, despite sharing a common ancestor that couldn’t. The discovery could help scientists understand the traits that allow animals to dramatically regrow lost limbs.

This is a really interesting article, that is a must-read. Check it out HERE

LifeWave studied the flat worm planaria, which has the ability to regenerate its head, as part of the research which led to the development of X39™.  While we cannot regrow limbs or organs, X39™ harnesses a powerful, patented method to activate your stem cells and support the natural wound healing process. And that is huge!

Researchers discover link between inflammation and cognitive decline in old age

Check out this  important article that shows a connection between inflammation and cognitive decline in old age.

New research conducted over a 20-year period, suggests chronic inflammation may be a useful biomarker for future cognitive decline in later life. Alongside offering an important new risk factor for cognitive decline later in life, the research suggests treating chronic inflammation at a younger age may act as a preventative measure for future neurodegeneration.

Think about how LifeWave products can help: GHK-Cu, the copper peptide that is elevated by our new X39™ patch, is known to both manage inflammation as well as improve cognitive function. Carnosine, in our patch studies, has been shown to improve cognitive function in people over the age of 60. And Y-Age Aeon has been shown to be a very powerful product in managing inflammation.

Always remember how effective LifeWave technology can be in helping reduce people’s pain and suffering.