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Healing Benefits of Stem Cells!

Stem Cells have a multitude of benefits, and one of those is their amazing healing power.
Stem cells have the potential to repair human tissue and certain internal organs by forming new cells and producing substances to regenerate cartilage, bone, ligaments, tendons, nerve, fat, muscle, and blood vessels.
Stem cells are being investigated and researched as an innovative option for multiple conditions that affect millions of people worldwide.
These cells have an enormous potential and we’ve just begun to scratch the surface of their abilities.
More research is needed, but what we do know is that if we have the capability to elevate stem cells in the body, our ability to heal ourselves could be greatly increased. Our new X39 patch elevates a peptide know to activate stem cell production.

Eliminate Stress & Inflammation NOW!

Do you feel stressed? Do you want relief from it but just don’t want to use harmful drugs and chemicals in your body? Nobody is resistant to stress. Here at LifeWave we understand that and so much so we developed a drug free, chemical free patch, Y-Age Aeon!

Y-Age Aeon patches have been clinically proven to reduce stress in the body. Promoting relaxation, Aeon has been tested and proven to reduce stress and inflammation, the two main causes of aging.

Combined with IceWave patches to provide pain relief, our patented, proprietary form of phototherapy, Aeon should be placed on the back of the neck with a set of IceWave patches placed at the point of pain.

Although it has been reported that individuals feel greater levels of energy, we recommend using the Y-Age patch for 90 days to really reap the anti-aging benefits!

The evidence is provided that, Y-Age Aeon produces a balance in the nervous system, which aids in the curtailment of stress and stress-related problems.

Not only can the Aeon patch reduce stress and inflammation, when used in conjunction with Y-Age Carnosine and Y-Age Glutathione it can be expected to see an improvement in skin colour, texture and wrinkles around the face in almost 2 weeks.

Get yours TODAY and see how much better you feel!


“The X39 proved again to be a game changer” – LifeWave CFO

I put the my first X39 patch on my aching knee (really need a replacement but do not want to go down that path yet) and the pain was literally gone within 30 minutes. From a pain level of a 6, down to a 1. Just amazing results in 30 minutes. 
Day 2 and 3, same excellent results with the X39. Now it’s off to play golf this weekend walking 18 holes with relatively no pain…
Yesterday I used a single X39 on my knee and played golf pain free and with energy without worrying about whether or not I would be able to finish the round walking and not limping. The X39 proved again to be a game changer. BTW I played one of my best rounds as well.
-Joe, LifeWave CFO

Detox with Y-Age Glutathione!

Glutathione is the body’s master antioxidant, it helps to detoxify the body and counteract free radicals while supporting the immune system. As we age, our glutathione levels decline dramatically, meaning our immune system is weaker and we are more prone to becoming sick. We are also more subjected to heavy metals, glutathione detoxifies these heavy metals from our bodies.

Glutathione is found in every human cell and helps to keep the immune system powerful! The Y-Age Glutathione patch helps to boost the immune system and does not deliver nasty harmful chemicals into your body.

In a clinical study, it was found that Y-Age Glutathione increases the blood glutathione levels hugely! It was also found that results create physiological changes in the body creating a detoxifying effect.

Get your Y-Age Glutathione Patches today and rid your body of harmful materials! – longDetail1

Introducing the X 39

Introducing the newest patch from LifeWave – The X39.

Set to be released in January 2019, here is a sneak peek into this revolutionary new patch:

  • A 3rd Generation LifeWave Technology patch designed to elevate a peptide known to activate stem cells
  • Produces an immediate increase in antioxidants and reduction in inflammation
  • Based on research into this peptide, the X39 may support a significant reduction in wrinkles
  • Based on stem cell research, the X39 may stimulate new hair growth in the scalp
  • Clinical studies have already demonstrated that this peptide initiates dramatic wound healing from stem cell enhancement
  • Stem cells are the future of regenerative medicine bringing the potential for a longer and healthier life

Details coming soon on how you can WIN a FREE One Month Supply of the X39!

To stay updated on the X39, check out our dedicated website where we will regularly update you with information on this new Phase III patch.