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Surprising Ways Spring Can Affect Your Sleep

slient nightsWe’re starting to see the first signs of Spring! The days are lighter, the breeze is slightly warmer, yet we feel sleepier than ever. What’s that about?

When the brighter days start to appear, we hope that we’ll have a surge of energy after leaving our semi-hibernative winter state behind. Yet many of us fall victim to substantial sleepiness as the seasons fluctuate. According to Natalie Dautovich, Ph.D., an environmental scholar with the National Sleep Foundation, much of this drowsiness is because our bodies take time to adjust our sleep-wake cycles to match the new season patterns.

Recognising the elements that are affecting your sleep may help you turn that spring sleepiness into the energy you so desire.

  1. New flowers = Allergy Season

New Flowers blossoming is beautiful, but they can trigger allergies in many of us that can present us from reaching the deeper, more restorative phases of sleep during the springtime. A 2013 study from the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America found that 59% of people who suffer from nasal allergies also struggle with their sleep quality due to their symptoms.

  1. Noisy Wildlife

We know how important it is to have a healthy sleeping environment: cool, dark and quiet. While we can keep our phones out of the bedroom, we have little control over the birds outside the bedroom window that are ready to chirp away at 5 o’clock in the morning. If external noise seems to be the biggest sleep killer for you, consider investing in something to help minimise the external noise.

  1. Sunshine

The days are growing longer, but it doesn’t quite seem this way in the morning just yet. Light plays a very important role in helping us to feel alert and awake, so when we wake up during the dark period, that’s not our body’s natural desire. To help with that, make sure to be exposed to sufficient bright light during the day, especially during the morning, to help with those feelings of alertness.

  1. Changing Routines

With brighter, longer days coming, a new sense of optimism about the number of things we can accomplish in 24 hours begins to emerge. You might be inclined to exercise in the evening thanks to additional daylight but doing high-intensity activities too close to bedtime can affect the body’s slow-down process. The key to protecting your sleep quality is to keep your daily regimen as consistent as possible.

The importance of sleep inspired the development of Silent Nights, one of LifeWave’s most popular patch products. With no drugs or pills to take, Silent Nights is clinically shown to increase length of sleep by 66%.

Is Aging inevitable? Maybe not!

Y-AGE_AEON_White_Envelope_EUWe grow up believing that aging in unavoidable and something we must accept as a part of life. But according to Dr. Deepak Chopra, there is nothing inevitable about aging! This inspiring message has been a topic of many LifeWave conversations.

For more than fifty years physiologists have known that putting stress on an animal causes it to age very quickly. When you place a mouse on an electric grid and administer shocks…you arouse the mouses stress response.  After a few days of such stress the mouse will die, and on autopsy its tissues will display many signs of accelerated aging’ – Dr. Deepak Chopra.

LifeWave Y-Age Aeon patches are proven to reduce stress in the body and promote relaxation.  If we take this learning from Dr. Deepak Chopra, can Aeon produce a powerful anti-aging effect? – Yes!

Y-Age Aeon interrupts the aging process where it begins – with stress. When stress is reduced, damage to our organs, cells and DNA declines. Y-Age Aeon elevates multiple ‘anti-stress factors’ and decreases inflammation.

Is stress that big of an issue for people?! Yes. 43% of all adults suffer adverse health effects from stress, including headaches, high blood pressure, heart problems, depression and anxiety**.  In addition, 70% of stressed people experience lower work productivity and disruptions in their family and social lives.

Stress is indeed a universal challenge, which only strengthens our commitment to help more people with Y-Age Aeon patches.

*Ageless Body, Timeless Mind: The Quantum Alternative to Growing Old – Dr. Deepak Chopra.

**2016, Mayo Clinic: ‘Stress: Constant stress puts your health at risk’.

Get in Shape and Stay There!

WinFit_Maintenance_KitKeeping fit is important for our overall health. If you’re eating the right food and keeping fit, your body will be strong and help you to cope with stress and even fight illness. Here are some tips from action star Dolph Lundgren (still fit and in his fifties) to help you get in shape and create a routine to help you stay in shape. Slow & Steady wins the race!

  1. Set Realistic Goals

Be realistic – there is no point thinking you can workout 1-2 hours a day every day if you have never exercised before. Setting goals that are too hard or expecting results too early and being too hard on yourself will set you up to burn out early. Anything is better than nothing. Even a little bit of movement. Keep blood in the muscle. Especially as you get older, working out is important because you want to make sure your muscles don’t deteriorate. So just start moving, little by little and build from there.

  1. Start Small

Start with a 15-minute daily walk. Pretty soon after a week or two you build up to 30 minutes. If you’re feeling brave, add in some 30 second sprints every 5-6 minutes. Add in some small body weight workouts like 5 minutes of press ups, tri-cep dips using a kitchen chair or lunges while waiting for the kettle to boil. Our bodies are very adaptable and very good at changing, so keeping a light combination of cardio and strength that you can build from is best.

  1. Create a Routine

It’s never too late to start. Pick a time that works for you to work out. Try to do cardio a little bit every day, probably 20 minutes, ideally before breakfast if you can. That’s when it’s easiest to burn fat because your blood sugar is low. But the important part is consistency and finding a time that works with your schedule.

  1. If all else Fails, keep your Core Engaged

If you’re traveling, tired, or just don’t have much space – we have some tips for all those excuses. If you don’t have much time, or much equipment, you can always focus on abs. Leg raises will help your core stay toned – this is where all the power comes from.

Always remember the importance of consistency. Fitness is a lifestyle and you shouldshift how you live to include that. To make progress in twenty minutes or less a few days a week, check out our WinFit system HERE.

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Drug Free, Natural Pain Relief

IceWave_White_Envelope_EUChronic pain affects 1.5 billion people around the world*. The most common types of chronic pain are lower back pain (27%), headaches (15%), and neck pain (15%). Chronic pain changes everything! Symptoms associated with chronic conditions can make activities that were a normal part of life—getting regular exercise or even a good night’s sleep—difficult to bear.

While everyone is searching for a solution, many people want to avoid polluting their body with toxins and becoming dependent on drugs, and that is where IceWave comes in. There has been and continues to be a dramatic increase in the demand for complementary medical services.

LifeWave’s IceWave patch is a safe and powerful pain relief solution with no drugs, chemicals or stimulants. IceWave is specifically designed to provide relief at the source of discomfort.

With its non-drug, non-addictive approach, IceWave truly stands apart from other pain management products on the market today. In clinical studies, it has been found that IceWave relieves pain in 94% of the people that use it**.

*Global Industry Analysts, Inc. (2011) Global Pain Management Market to Reach US$60 Billion by 2015, According to a New Report by Global Industry Analysts, Inc. [Online] Available from:


Improved airflow in the bedroom could give you a better night’s sleep

slient nightsSleep is important at any age – we need it and admittedly, we all love it too! There is nothing worse than getting a bad night’s sleep where you toss and turn for what seems like hours on end.

If you suffer from restless night’s sleep, a remedy might be simpler than you think! Increasing bedroom ventilation by opening a window or interior door may help you catch more zzz’s, according to a new study from researchers in the Netherlands*.

Results from the study showed that bedrooms with better ventilation had lower carbon dioxide levels, prompting “better sleep depth, sleep efficiency and lesser number of awakenings”.

The importance of sleep inspired the development of Silent Nights, one of LifeWave’s most popular patch products. With no drugs or pills to take, Silent Nights is clinically shown to increase length of sleep by 66%.

* The research was published in the International Journal of Indoor Environment and Health. You can read an extract of the study here: