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Y-Age System

At LifeWave we want the best for our members, with this we combined three of our patch Y-AGE_System_EU-150x105products Aeon, Glutathione and Carnosine to create the Y-Age System. This system is a proprietary form of phototherapy with no drugs, chemicals or stimulants. Together, the Y-Age System improves overall wellness for a healthier, stronger body. Reduce stress in the body with Aeon, detox and immune support with glutathione and boost your strength and flexibility with Carnosine along with many other benefits:

Y-Age Aeon

  • Clinically proven to decrease inflammation in the body
  • Promotes relaxation


Y-Age Glutathione

  • Glutathione is the body’s master antioxidant
  • Improves overall health


Y-Age Carnosine

  • Clinically shown to increase stamina by up to 125%*
  • Improves overall health
  • Improves bioelectrical properties of organs

*After 3 weeks of use.

For a limited time, we are offering our Y-Age system at promotional prices order now through the website. Promotion expires November 19, 2017 at 11.59 p.m. EDT.


AAlavida-Trio-EUR_smalllavida – Improving the health of your skin from the inside out and the outside in.

We all want to look as young as we feel so it is important to take care of our skin as this can be a tell-tale sign of age. Moisturising your skin is vital to keep it healthy and keep you looking your best.

At LifeWave we developed Alavida to work for all skin types, the products apply complex science to naturally-derived ingredients proven to have a positive impact on health and complexion. Yet, the solutions go beyond that. The tested formulations and innovative delivery methods have created breakthrough results. Results seen not just over long trial periods – but immediately, by all those who experience it.

We recommend that you use the Alavida Trio for best results. Visit to learn more about this fantastic LifeWave product!



Nirvana Available for Purchase in Canada

Nirvana_System_USA_300x300Nirvana is available for NFR purchase to our Canadian Members. Nirvana will be shipped from the United States for the time being, as we complete the process for getting it registered for sale in Canada.

To make your purchase, just login to the LifeWave Back Office, click STORE and then “Not For Resale” Shopping. Act now and take advantage of our special promotional price of $99.95, for a $40 savings!

Pain Management with No Drugs or Chemicals

IceWave_White_Envelope_EUChronic pain, alone, affects 1.5 billion people around the world, leading to billions of dollars in health care costs and lost work productivity each year [1]. When used as part of a healthy lifestyle, IceWave is a safe, powerful and affordable solution with no drugs, chemicals or stimulants.

IceWave is specifically designed to provide relief at the source of discomfort. If you have knee pain, for instance, you can place the patches around that area for quick relief. If you have pain throughout your body, there are different placement options that produce equally effective results. Visit the LifeWave YouTube page for more IceWave Patch Placement Instructions. With its non-drug, non-addictive approach, IceWave truly stands apart from other pain management products on the market today.

1 David Borsook, M.D., Ph.D, a leading pain expert at Massachusetts General Hospital in the U.S.

Winter Tiredness

Energy_Enhancer_White_Envelope_EU_CMYK-300x213Winter is approaching and with the darker mornings, many of us find it that little bit harder to get out of bed and get moving in the morning. Here are some tips that may help you in the morning:

  1. Get a good night’s sleep

A good night’s sleep is very important, our bodies need at least 7 hours sleep from the age of 26 on. Make sure that your bed is comfortable, by ensuring your mattress and bedding suit you perfectly and by regularly changing your bed clothes.

  1. Exercise regularly

Exercise is very important, moderate to light exercise daily for 15 mins will help you sleep at night and is beneficial for your health. Make sure you do this a few hours before bedtime so it doesn’t keep you awake.

  1. Let some light into your bedroom

With the days getting darker it is good to let some natural light into your bedroom to naturally wake you. Depending on your location this might not always be possible.

The LifeWave Energy Enhancer Patches are clinically proven to increase energy and endurance. Put a patch on in the morning to increase your energy levels throughout the day. The fast-acting patches will give you that lift you need in the morning.

slient nightsFor those of you who feel that you are not getting the best night’s sleep consider Silent Nights patches. They are clinically shown to increase the length of sleep by 66%. They enhance the quality of sleep and there are no drugs, chemicals or stimulants in the patches.