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New and Improved Maveric for 2018!

Once again, the LifeWave labs have produced a major breakthrough! We’re thrilled to announce the development of a NEW ingredient, exclusive to LifeWave, which will significantly improve male performance. This extract will be a key ingredient in the newly improved Maveric, coming in 2018!

As you know, Maveric is designed to elevate testosterone levels and suppress estrogen levels, which is especially effective for men over 40. The new Maveric will stick with this approach, but will also use several new mechanisms to take your results to a new level. 

In the Words of CEO and Founder, David Schmidt
“As I was the principal formulator behind Maveric (and an avid product user), I’ll be the first to tell you that Maveric is an awesome solution for men over 40 who want to elevate their declining testosterone levels. And the new version will be even better!”

Stay Tuned!
You can look forward to more updates, as we enter the production phase of the new and improved Maveric slated for 2018. We appreciate your patience and know you will love the results!

Nirvana Promotion Extended!

For Members Only: LifeWave is known for developing efficacious products unlike any other, and Nirvana is no exception.

Due to overwhelming demand for this one-of-a-kind mood enhancer system, this promotion has been extended until August 28! That means you can buy Nirvana for $99.95 (regularly $139.95) for a total savings of $40 and a total BV of 70.* This is a fantastic deal on a product system that can have life-changing results!

For the first time, LifeWave has combined our patented patch technology with a natural supplement for a dual-action solution that truly stands apart. With its natural release of endorphins, Nirvana enhances your mood for sustained results, with no drugs, chemicals or side effects. Buy yours at an unbeatable price in the LifeWave Back Office today!

*Only LifeWave Members qualify. No limit on purchase quantities. No product substitutions. Not available through Autoship, Enrollments and Upgrades. No refunds on promotional items for LifeWave Members. Promotion available only where Nirvana products sold. Promotion expires August 28 at 11:59 p.m. EDT.

Nirvana Available for Purchase in Israel

We’re pleased to announce that Nirvana is available for NFR (Not For Resale) purchase to our Israeli Members! However, Nirvana will be shipped from the United States for the time being, as we complete the process for getting it registered for sale in Israel.

To make your purchase, just login to the LifeWave Back Office, click STORE and then Not For Resale. Act now and take advantage of our special promotional price of $99.95, for a $40 savings!

New Distributor BV Promo!

From July 30 to August 27, all new LifeWave Distributors (within 6 months of enrolling) can earn extra BV bonuses on all Gold enrollments and above!* See the details below.

BV Points for Gold Enrollments and Above:

  • Each Gold enrollment = 1000 Extra BV points
  • Each Platinum enrollment = 2500 Extra BV points
  • Each Diamond enrollment = 5000 Extra BV points

*Participants must be within their first six months of enrolling with LifeWave. New enrollments for participants must occur during promotion qualifying period (July 30 – August 27). Participating Sponsors and new enrollees must remain active for 90 days to qualify. All BV is added to Power Leg, 45 days after new Gold-level and above enrollments occur. Promotion qualifying period expires August 27 at 11:59 a.m. EST.

Alavida Patch Promotion: $30 Savings!

FOR MEMBERS ONLY: You asked and we answered! For a limited time, you can buy the Alavida patches outside of the Regenerating Trio only with this special promotion. But this deal also gives you a whole lot more. From August 7September 3, buy one sleeve each of Alavida, Y-Age Aeon and Y-Age Glutathione for just $119.85.* That’s a total savings of $30 and a total PV of 110!

From the regeneration of your skin’s youthful glow, to stress reduction and essential immune system support, this promotion has it all. Make your purchase in the LifeWave Back Office today!

*Only LifeWave Members qualify. Limited to three promotion purchases per Member. No product substitutions. Not available through Autoship, Enrollments and Upgrades. No refunds on promotional items for LifeWave Members. Promotion available only where Alavida and Y-Age products are sold. Promotion ends September 3 at 11:59 p.m. EDT.