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Official Release of X39 at LifeWave Austria Event

After months of anticipation the official release of LifeWave’s X39 patch is finally here, and the event commemorating its release, in Mondsee, Austria, on January 19th and 20th, was one to remember!  With over 400 members in attendance, the event was a huge success.

Attendees were given details behind what X39 actually does, saw results of X39 studies already concluded, and heard details behind the many benefits X39 offers.  Special guest speakers shared further insights on X39 science, how to accelerate your team-building using social media, and tips on how to grow your business, fast.  A new recognition ceremony honouring top achievers was followed by a wonderful evening dinner celebration with music and entertainment.


LifeWave Founder & CEO, David Schmidt, presented the long-awaited release on what has been top-secret information behind the new X39 patch.  Members learned about how X39 elevates copper peptide, and why this single peptide produces a broad array of benefits including activation of stem cells.

Members got the opportunity to be the first to meet our new Vice President of Marketing, Jim Caldwell, also our event host, who provided insights and presented information on how 2019, with a renewed focus on building, promises to be a breakout year for us all.

Our special guest speakers really had attendees leaning forward in their seats! Dr. Thornton Streeter gave us an amazing insight into his clinical findings on LifeWave X39.  Phenomenal Ninja Networker, Frazer Brookes, shared his exciting secrets on how you can add social media to your tool chest for growing your business faster than you ever thought possible.

We launched our travel incentive promotion in celebration of 15 Years of LifeWave Business. You now have the chance to win a spectacular 5-day, 4-night luxury Caribbean cruise for two people that sets sail November 4 – 8, 2019!

Remember, these live events held around the world periodically are “must attends” if you want to feel the true pulse that is LifeWave. There is nothing more motivating than meeting and talking with network and corporate leaders, special guests, and other like-minded members who see the future and know it is LifeWave!  With the release of X39 and all new marketing materials to help you like never before, 2019 holds amazing promise.  Attend as many Live Events as possible and have your team do the same… and watch what happens!

Thanks to everyone who attended for making LifeWave Live Austria! a monumental success!


Latest Sports Star to try LifeWave

9bb63985-b16a-4d0c-b31d-c710c00eca04Giorgia Speciale, triple windsurf world champion is the newest Italian athlete to try LifeWave.

Recently, she trained on Lake di Garda for the World Championship. LifeWave was there through Carlo Landi, together with her coach.

Giorgia was patched (Knee pain, energy, carnosine), and her coach was amazed and the will be regular users going forward.

Special recognition to Rocco Pelle, Carlo Landi  and Jean Paul Parodi for making this possible!

Is Our Attention Influenced By Our Breathing?

Research carried out in Trinity College Dublin has found that there is a neurophysiological connection between respiration and cognition. The way we breath can have a positive effect on our emotions and moods and recently the researchers from Trinity College have discovered the first neurophysiological connection between breathing and attention in the brain.

The research focused in on the locus coeruleus in the brain which is responsible for creating a hormone and neurotransmitter, namely noradrenaline. Author of the study Michael Melnychuk explains that when the human body feels stressed or sluggish we can’t focus either because we are producing too much or too little noradrenaline. There is a happy medium of noradrenaline where our emotions, thinking and memory are much brighter. The result of the study is that there is a link between attention and respiration that is adjusted through the locus coeruleus. Focusing in on our breathing can positively impact our attention levels which leads to the question if we are able to control our levels of noradrenaline through respiration. This study was published in the journal of Psychophysiology and leads to the question of whether or not non-pharmacological treatments will be available to people with ADHD or dementia.

Marketing Material Guidelines Now in Back Office

As with any successful company, it’s crucial to maintain a consistent brand image across all printed and online marketing materials (e.g. product flyers, personal websites, etc.) In an effort to maintain the purity of the LifeWave brand, we have some simple guidelines for our Distributors to follow and apply to their marketing initiatives. Please read them carefully and we appreciate your cooperation!

Download Your Marketing Material Guidelines Here: LifeWave Back Office > RESOURCES > Marketing Tools.