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Save the Date!

LifeWave Live! USA for 2020 is happening January 24 – 26 in party town USA – Las Vegas! If rave reviews for our 2019 LifeWave Live! Los Angeles are any indication, this is going to be an event to remember.  All-new business-building tools, guest speakers with information you can use immediately, product knowledge from our world-class inventor and CEO, David Schmidt, unique Q&A sessions, networking among your peers and global leaders and of course on-site deals that will be nice to your wallet…  this will be the one annual event you won’t want to miss.  Registration will begin July 1, 2019. Just visit our events page at  See you there!

New Business-Building Tools and Incentives are Coming!

Finally, we can’t let you go from this Splash without telling you that great additions are coming to members worldwide that are going to allow you to expand your customer base and your member base easier, better, faster. From being able to use the back office more effectively, to a new business opportunity video, to a preferred customer program, to a contact management system that will turbo charge follow-up… these and more are coming over the next 6 or 7 months.  And we can’t wait to share them with you!


We wish you continued success… and as world class motivator and sales trainer Zig Ziglar always used to say: “We’ll see you at the Top!”

Here’s our New Communication Schedule

  • Monthly – Splash is moving from weekly to monthly distribution. Starting this month, Splash will be sent out via email on the last Friday of each month. It will contain articles like before, possibly more of them, and will continue to cover news you need to know.
  • Weekly – Recognition Email. It will highlight the following:
  1. The hard-working new members who have placed in the New Member Bonus Top 10 list.
  2. Who has achieved a new, higher rank in a previous week
  3. Any other recognition we know you will enjoy reading.
  • Weekly – Testimonial email.
  • Promos will be announced as they occur.
  • Of course, any information that is important for you to know will go out as needed, anytime.

Please review Member Policies

We have taken steps to deter members in the future from violating our Member Policies, specifically when it has to do with unauthorized sellers on eBay, Amazon and elsewhere. Please read all 3 of these clauses and notice how Clause 11.11 refers to Clauses 4.14 and 9.18. These Polices are currently posted online. Please tell your teams and spread the word. LifeWave is enjoying some sustained, accelerating growth due to the hard work of thousands of committed LifeWave members and going forward we will no longer tolerate violation of these clauses. The consequences will be swift and harsh.


4.14: The sale of LifeWave products on other online retail platforms (such as or is strictly prohibited.

9.18 E-commerce: LifeWave Members may not sell LifeWave products on any internet auction site or mass retail site such as Amazon, eBay or any other similar sites. LifeWave members who use this form of selling are deemed to have an unfair competitive advantage. LifeWave members may not supply LifeWave products to any 3rd party individuals who knowingly intend to place the product on any mass retail site. Such behavior will result in the termination of the Rep’s account.

11.11 Damages: If a LifeWave Member (“Member”) breaches its obligations under section 4.14 or 9.18, the Member shall pay to LifeWave $10,000 for each violation. The parties intend that this amount constitutes compensation and not a penalty. The parties acknowledge and agree that LifeWave’s harm caused by a Member breach of either of the aforementioned sections would be impossible or very difficult to accurately estimate and that this provision is a reasonable estimate of the anticipated or actual harm that might arise from such a breach by a Member. The collection of this amount is not intended to be LifeWave’s exclusive remedy of a Member’s breach of these identified sections.


Soon we will be needing a Release signed by anyone who submits or who has submitted a testimonial to us.

We continue to receive great testimonials (written and pictures) about our products and your business-building success. We are currently translating our releases into all languages, for your convenience, and will need one signed by you in your language and in English (2 releases per testimonial) for our files. If you intend to send in a testimonial, we ask that you go to your Back Office, under Resources and Marketing Tools and print out your appropriate releases, sign them and pdf scan them and then send them by email attached with your testimonial to this email address: If we receive a testimonial without a release we will not be able to share it with membership until we receive the appropriate releases. Please check with Customer Service with any questions.