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The New Member Bonus (NMB) is a Hit!

The NMB program has been a great success from the start! Those receiving a NMB have doubled since we started this! Recently in one of our NMB Top 10 lists, no one had been with LifeWave more than 5 weeks and the top earner made almost $1000 in NMB bonus alone… for just one week! And bonuses are spread across the world: Japan, USA, Taiwan, Canada, Philippines, Germany, Great Britain, Australia, Singapore, Mexico, Italy, Switzerland and so many others… the world is coming to LifeWave!


By the way, we have received some questions regarding the funding of our NMB so here again is a brief recap of what you should know:  Each week, our system automatically calculates 3% of our global cycle pay and matching bonus payouts to the field and reserves this amount for the NMB cash pool. Members who have a join date within the last 90 days, and members who do not earn a minimum of 4 cycles in the current pay week, are exempt from funding the NMB pool. All other members will contribute a percentage toward the pool which will be a bit above 3% of their total cycle pay and matching bonuses.


Remember why we added this new incentive: As New Members see early added payouts from the NMB, motivation to stay increases, boosting retention. Retention equates to more BV flowing upline, generating higher payouts in cycle pay and matching bonuses throughout the network. It’s a win-win for all members!

The 15th Anniversary Dream Cruise Vacation of a Lifetime Contest Just Finished!

We sure hope you were among the many members who earned at least 15 Points to initially qualify for what will undoubtedly be our most exciting cruise ever through the sunny Caribbean, Nov 4 through 8th. Remember, now’s the time to make sure any New Members you enrolled stay active at least 60 days to lock in your qualification for this fun cruise.


Considering the power of LifeWave technology, especially now with X39™, your New Members should already be hard at work sharing LifeWave with others as they experience the technology themselves. Plus the New Member Bonus is theirs for the taking! The last thing they should be doing is even considering quitting! There are now more reasons than ever to be hard at work helping them build their teams.


In fact, whether you are heading for the cruise or not, remember the possibilities each New Member represents. So, sit down with them if you haven’t already and help them make a long list of who they know and who those people know. Walk them through the inviting process. Help them discover the value of 3-Way calls. Show them how our marketing tools can help them deliver the message. Share the best ways to demonstrate the technology. You know what can happen. Help New Members expose LifeWave several times in several ways to 15 or 20 people to discover just 2 people who see what we all see. And help them do the same thing! We are in the middle of powerful growth momentum, so take advantage, and help your team stay active and build!

Spread the Word – New Member Bonus is Here

As you undoubtedly have heard, a New Member Bonus program has been added to our Compensation Plan! It is powerful incentive for not only new members but also all members throughout the network.

Think about how important the first 90 days are for new members. The sooner they realize what is possible in our great business, by earning more money faster, the sooner they commit to stay and build. This supports retention, a key to a broader, deeper LifeWave network. And by this new bonus focusing on team-building, the size of the network increases over time, along with volume, so all existing members benefit. This is a win-win for everyone!

This bonus is available to all LifeWave members within 90 days of their join date. Every week, LifeWave will reserve 3% of global cycle pay and matching bonuses and put it in the New Member Bonus pool. (New members are exempt from paying into the NMB cash pool as are those earning less than $200 in a given week (similar to when the cap is enforced).


A New Member (NM) by definition has been a distributor of LifeWave for 90 days or less.

  • New Members will earn “pool” points during each week when they enrol a Bronze, Gold or Diamond distributor. Bronze earns 1 point, Gold earns 5 points, Diamond earns 15 points.
  • And upgrades are also included in this great new bonus! This means a NM earns pool points when one of their personally sponsored members upgrades. See the schedule below for all pool points scenarios.
  • Points will reset to zero on Monday, the start of each week.
  • At the end of the week (Sunday), the NM’s point total becomes a percentage of the total points earned by all new members globally that week.
  • That calculation will determine the percentage of a NM Global Cash Pool that will be earned by any New Member.
  • The NM Bonus global cash pool is funded by 3% of LifeWave’s total Cycle Pay and Matching Bonuses, reducing that total by 3%.


  • Bronze = 1 Point
  • Gold = 5 Points
  • Diamond = 15 Points
  • Silver to Gold = 2 Points
  • Bronze to Gold = 4 Points
  • Platinum to Diamond = 5 points
  • Gold to Diamond = 10 Points
  • Silver to Diamond = 12 points
  • Bronze to Diamond = 14 Points


*If 3% in the New Member Bonus cash pool one week is $20,000 and the points you earned = 1% of total points awarded that week, you would earn $200 that week.

*New members are exempt from contributing to this bonus for 90 days from their join date as are members earning less than $200 in a given week. There are no pool points awarded for Silver or Platinum enrolments.


Win a Dream Cruise Vacation – Check out the winners to date

Our Dream Cruise Vacation Promotion is in full swing and we already have some winners!

We now have a list of members who have already qualified for the cruise and those that are well on the way to joining us in November to celebrate the LifeWave 15-year anniversary.

To view the list of winners, log into your back office and click on the resource section. There you will see a side menu with the title ‘cruise winners’.

This list will be updated on a weekly basis for you all to follow.

Meet our Global MasterMind

We are pleased to announce our Global MasterMind, an exclusive group of global leaders who will play an important role in the accelerating growth of LifeWave in 2019.

Each participant has a range of accomplishments in network marketing and has been a long-standing part of LifeWave’s ever-growing success to date. We appreciate them accepting this position and rolling up their sleeves to continue building to a Billion… together!

Congratulations to these stand-out leaders from around the world:

  • Anthony Massawa – Africa
  • Hermine Obermann – Austria
  • David Jumper – Canada
  • Gilbert Louis – Canada
  • Christina Fabrin – Denmark
  • Christine Gay-Girrbach – France
  • Jan Wiegel – Germany
  • Roy Surjono – Indonesia
  • Yoshi Endo – Japan
  • Lorenzo McGrew – Mexico
  • Dave Baguyo – Philippines
  • Krzysztof Markowski – Poland
  • Phil Steinberg – Switzerland
  • Lisa Wu – Taiwan
  • Chuck Michel – United States
  • Dr. Joan Norton – United States