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Use the Power of Social Media

Social media is a great place to engage in ongoing dialog, share personal stories that inspire, and experience real-time camaraderie with people all over the world. As part of a new and ongoing series, we have some terrific advice on getting the most out of this powerful tool.

This week, we offer tips for expanding your LifeWave business:

  • Share, share, share your LifeWave products! Once people use them, they practically sell themselves.
  • Use our hashtag #LifeWave.
  • Encourage your downline and team members to post on their social pages.
  • Make sure to tag our accounts, so we can follow along and engage with your content too!
  • Enter our weekly contest for a chance to win a FREE patch sleeve!
    • Post a photo of yourself wearing your favorite LifeWave patch on your Facebook or Instagram account for a chance to win.
    • Tag our page with #MyLWPatches (Facebook @LifeWaveHQ, and/or Instagram @LifeWaveCorporate).

Good luck on applying the tips, and look forward to more insights in future issues!

Important Enrollment Kit Changes

In answer to many requests from our LifeWave Leaders and Members, effective February 6, 2017, most LifeWave Enrollment Kits will have new product quantities. Please make note of the following changes to each kit:

  • Silver Enrollment is reduced to 6 sleeves of patches (or equivalent)
  • Gold Enrollment is increased to 13 sleeves of patches (or equivalent)
  • Platinum Enrollment is increased to 27 sleeves of patches (or equivalent)
  • Diamond Enrollment is increased to 41 sleeves of patches (or equivalent)

Upgrade kits will also be adjusted to reflect these changes to the Enrollment Kits.

Please Contact Customer Service with Questions or Concerns: 

Download the WinFit Opportunity Presentation

WinFit has been a huge success so far, shattering all previous LifeWave sales records. And now you can boost your networking efforts with this engaging PowerPoint presentation. Ideal for just about any kind of meeting, this tool will help you attract and enroll new prospects through the WinFit opportunity. It’s available in all languages, and even includes a sample script to help you narrate each slide.

Download the WinFit Opportunity Presentation here: Back Office > Resources > Marketing Tools > WinFit Opportunity Presentation.