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Introducing the new LifeWave App!

The newest way to learn about the LifeWave opportunity is here – the ‘LifeWave Corporate’ App.

This all-in-one resource is the latest business building tool from LifeWave that makes learning and presenting easy. This app is a powerful new business-building tool for both experienced and new members. The perfect mobile resource, available at your fingertips wherever you are!

Easy to learn – ready when you and your team are to share the LifeWave Experience.

Available in English & German (more languages to come), this new app makes the perfect business-on-the-go tool.

Download today and get exploring!


  • Simply go to your app store
  • Search for ‘LifeWave Corporate’
  • Download the app for FREE! has a new Look!

If you haven’t already seen our new look on, what are you waiting for?!


Your new website showcases X39™ and captures all of the key information anyone needs to know… whether a prospect looking in for the first time or any current member, new or old.

Let your team know of the new look and put your our great-looking site to work!

LifeWave University

If you’re new to LifeWave, you may not know about LifeWave University. This is a fantastic tool that can help you build your business.

The fantastic Stacey O’Byrne was speaking at our events in California and Copenhagen last year and was a real inspiration for those who attended – we couldn’t get enough of her wisdom!

LifeWave University is our initiative to help you get past your stumbling blocks and achieve success in our industry. Led by NLP Master Trainer Stacey O’Byrne, just some of the many topics covered at LifeWave University include:

  • How to develop the proper mindset
  • How to create interest in everyone you speak to
  • The value of personality profiling and why this is the key to success
  • Understanding communication styles and how to speak properly to others
  • Planning to succeed

To invest in yourself, visit and at the bottom of the page click the “JOIN THE UNIVERSITY” button to subscribe.

If you have any queries, please contact LifeWave University Customer Service by phone +1 (657) 214-1767 or email

Now is the perfect time to really start using our member-led marketing tool – With the hype around our new patch LifeWave X39™, so many people are interested in joining LifeWave. enables you to reach people that you may never have been able to before. It’s really useful for your Facebook advertising!

This tool allows you to share a unique link that can be sent to potential prospects introducing them to the LifeWave Opportunity.

We have a tutorial video on how to use HERE (link to here: )

This tutorial is also available in the back office under ‘Resources >Marketing Tools>’.

We’ve made a few background tweaks to ensure the system is working at its best, so make sure you start using this in your efforts to enrol new members to the business.