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mylifewave_com_banner_ENWe’re delighted to introduce – a new member-led marketing tool that will make finding new prospects easy!

WHAT IS MYLIFEWAVE.COM is a marketing tool that helps you, our members, to build your business and reach new prospects.

This tool allows you to share a unique link that can be sent to potential prospects introducing them to the LifeWave Opportunity.


We have a tutorial video on how to use HERE

This tutorial is also available in the back office under ‘Resources >Marketing Tools>’.

Enjoy sharing this member marketing tool!

LifeWave Introduction Presentation Now Available!

We are excited to announce that the LifeWave Introduction – Phototherapy For The Future Presentation is now available in the back office!

The presentation covers the basics of our patches – this should help greatly when introducing the business opportunity to new members!

Simply log into the back office, go to Marketing Tools and you will see it under the Presentation section!

Distributor Marketing Guidelines

Back OfficeWe have updated the Distributor Marketing Guidelines, they are now available in the back office for you all to download. Along with these new guidelines, we created a LifeWave Independent Distributor Logo. Please update your online marketing materials with this new logo. Going forward this logo should be used on all of your online and printed marketing materials. This logo highlights that you are an approved LifeWave Independent Distributor. We look forward to seeing this in use!