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Dr. Melinda Connor’s Dramatic Findings on X39™

If you were unable to attend our USA Live! Event in Los Angeles March 29-31, you missed what many have said was the best Live event ever. There were a number reasons why, but certainly one of them was independent scientist Dr. Melinda Connor and her 1-hour presentation on her important findings from studying X39™. Her credentials added gravitas to her statement about how impressed she was with LifeWave science. As she said: “You really have something powerful here!”


Dr. Connor gathered hard science data on a number of indicators including respiration, blood pressure, heart rate variability and more… in addition to saliva and urine testing. The bottom line: “X39 does some really cool things.” Within 24 hours she saw statistically significant changes (verified by an outside statistician) pointing to better sleep, less stress, more muscle relaxation, lower blood pressure. She also stated, “There were 16 amino acids changes in metabolism. No study I am aware of has ever shown that many changes from a single product or procedure.” Amazing. With her first clinical study completed, and another one on the way, we will keep you informed as results come in!

The New Member Bonus (NMB) is a Hit!

The NMB program has been a great success from the start! Those receiving a NMB have doubled since we started this! Recently in one of our NMB Top 10 lists, no one had been with LifeWave more than 5 weeks and the top earner made almost $1000 in NMB bonus alone… for just one week! And bonuses are spread across the world: Japan, USA, Taiwan, Canada, Philippines, Germany, Great Britain, Australia, Singapore, Mexico, Italy, Switzerland and so many others… the world is coming to LifeWave!


By the way, we have received some questions regarding the funding of our NMB so here again is a brief recap of what you should know:  Each week, our system automatically calculates 3% of our global cycle pay and matching bonus payouts to the field and reserves this amount for the NMB cash pool. Members who have a join date within the last 90 days, and members who do not earn a minimum of 4 cycles in the current pay week, are exempt from funding the NMB pool. All other members will contribute a percentage toward the pool which will be a bit above 3% of their total cycle pay and matching bonuses.


Remember why we added this new incentive: As New Members see early added payouts from the NMB, motivation to stay increases, boosting retention. Retention equates to more BV flowing upline, generating higher payouts in cycle pay and matching bonuses throughout the network. It’s a win-win for all members!

Senior Presidential Director Achieved in Record Time!

Here is something truly remarkable. This was recently achieved by not one, but two of our members… and one sponsored the other! Yoshihiro (Hiro) Mizuochi, who only joined the company in July 2018, has already achieved Senior Presidential Director! “LifeWave is beyond my imagination!” Hiro said. “When I heard about X39 and that the science behind it had many patents, that there were serious clinical studies and that the product had something to do with longevity, I just knew this was a winner. I went to work, and things really took off. I now have a great, growing team and owe so much to their hard work. Thank you David Schmidt!”


Thank you Hiro. But it gets better…


Hiro sponsored Takashi Ichikawa and his wife, Yumi, in August 2018. Almost immediately they were working very hard signing up members one after the other and helping others do the same. Fast-forward to today and they too have already achieved the rank of Senior Presidential Director! Talk about a one-two punch, this is it! As Takashi put it, “Yumi and I are very pleased to have achieved the highest title in the world this fast. The LifeWave products work so well and often so quickly, it makes sharing the business opportunity with others very attractive. We want to thank Hiro, who told us about LifeWave products, and we would also like to express our gratitude and thanks to Mr. David Schmidt, who created these wonderful products,” said Takashi.


To Takashi, Yumi and Hiro… on top of the world in record time… Congratulations from all of us at LifeWave!



Congratulations to all our members who moved up in rank this week

Congratulations to our Members who moved up a rank in LifeWave from April 22nd – April 29th.

Presidential Director

  • Nickie Chan – USA
  • Larry Yang – USA

Executive Director

  • Anthony Hayashi – USA


Senior Director

  • Chu Sing Lim – Singapore
  • Jason Drummond – Great Britain


  • Anneli Hagström – Sweden
  • Marlena Klesta – Poland
  • Hui Li Cecilia – Singapore
  • Hideaki Kumai – Japan
  • Karen Kan – USA
  • Jangle Jim – USA
  • Jojo Tan – USA


  • Jógvan Glerfoss – Faroe Islands
  • Hans Gunther Heepen – Germany
  • Maria Ostervald – Sweden
  • Semher Diwet – Sweden
  • Eiko Watanabe – Japan
  • Frank Hougen – Sweden
  • 靚貤 高 – Taiwan
  • Yuka Igarashi – Japan
  • Patcheli Yengo Diavoka – Gabon
  • 月嬌 廖 – Taiwan
  • Falcon KK – Japan
  • Carla Bontempi – Italian
  • Kinji Kawamura – Japan
  • Oliver Klesta – Poland
  • Kazuhiro Suruga – Japan
  • Tamo Dzussouo Theophile – FR
  • Harue Hosono – Japan
  • 芳子 菊地 – Taiwan
  • Aya Hotta – Japan
  • Aik Tong Chong – Singapore
  • Sheryl Winton – Australia
  • Carmina Villorente – Philippines
  • Marzenna Wiśniewska – Great Britain
  • Sabrina Guasconi – Italy
  • Kathleen Isett – USA
  • Connie Steves – Canada
  • Maria Alvarado – USA
  • Vivian Ong – USA
  • Joan Leslie – Canada
  • Sanae Furuki – USA
  • Noriko Nixon – USA
  • Minako Somiya – USA
  • Sandra Dobiash – USA
  • Dynamic Service Group – USA