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Save the Date!

LifeWave Live! USA for 2020 is happening January 24 – 26 in party town USA – Las Vegas! If rave reviews for our 2019 LifeWave Live! Los Angeles are any indication, this is going to be an event to remember.  All-new business-building tools, guest speakers with information you can use immediately, product knowledge from our world-class inventor and CEO, David Schmidt, unique Q&A sessions, networking among your peers and global leaders and of course on-site deals that will be nice to your wallet…  this will be the one annual event you won’t want to miss.  Registration will begin July 1, 2019. Just visit our events page at  See you there!

Stem Cell Injections and our Wonderful Alternative

Here’s another article that is a wake-up call to anyone considering stem cell injections and that easily positions X39™ as a safe, non-invasive, non-drug alternative that anyone can try… and that comes with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee!  Name one stem cell “procedure” that comes with that level of confidence.  Add this article to your arsenal to set LifeWave apart… in a class by itself.

Upcoming Cruise Announcement

Remember, in early July we will be announcing which members are 100% qualified to join us on our exciting 15 Year Anniversary Cruise of a Lifetime to the Bahamas November 4-8, 2019.  This beautiful cruise through the azure waters of the Caribbean is going to be a blast!  It will be doubly special as David Schmidt, our CEO and Founder, will be awarding 12 lucky contest winners with a unique Gold Coin Medallion created exclusively by David for top business builders. Good luck to all who gave it their all!

Remember, The Mind is a Powerful Thing!

You’ve heard the stories. You probably have experienced it yourself. That period of time, that moment, that day… when you or someone you know was “in the zone” and everything just worked out perfectly.  Whether on the sports field or in a business setting, where every shot is perfect, every outcome is exactly as you would hope. There is no better feeling than things playing out exactly as you want. The key?  Your mindset.  Learning to “see” what you want, having the abilities to do what you envision, and following through on that confidence despite any obstacles that might stop a lesser person.  You can do it!  And with LifeWave as your success vehicle, your intent to be great in this business and LifeWave products keeping your body “tuned”… the sky’s the limit!

Testimonial Releases for Your Great Stories

Have you sent in a testimonial to David Schmidt or to our corporate  Have you posted a testimonial on Facebook?  If you have done that or intend to, we need you to fill out and sign our Testimonial Release and Affidavit for our records.  It is a matter of good business practices for us to have your release on file in case there is any question as to its authenticity. Please go to our back office and download a release  that is printed in your native language and also one printed in English, fill out both and send each on to  Any questions?  Just email us at  We look forward to hearing from you!