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Amazing Things I’ve Noticed During Week 2 of Using the X39!

  • My skin is improving so much! I had some acne on my back that has totally 100% cleared up.
  • A stubborn ear lobe piercing infection I’ve had since January that I haven’t been able to fully heal it even with antibiotics and other natural remedies – is almost FULLY healed now.
  • The scar tissue from my belly button piercing from over ten years ago seems to be disappearing as well.
  • Food tastes better – fruits and veggies are ultra-delicious
  • Since using the X39, people are commenting I’m GLOWING lately.
    – Nikki Jumper

Activating Stem Cells with Intermittent Fasting!

Intermittent fasting is a great way to trigger stem cell activation.
There are many studies showing how fasting for up to 3 days may reduce inflammation and boost the immune system by increasing white blood cell count.*
Prolonged fasts have also been shown to regulate stem cell populations independently of chemotherapy, helped to reverse senescence, and impact regeneration.
Fasting may also reduce damage in bone marrow stem cells and protect against chemotoxicity.


Why You Should Attend LifeWave Live! Events!

You’re busy growing your business and meeting new people…earning commissions and helping others improve their lives, feels amazing, right? We here at LifeWave appreciate all of the hard work our members put in and we feel the constant need to do more for YOU!

The aim of LifeWave Live! Events is to help you join together with other LifeWave members to share testimonials, encourage one another, learn more about our amazing products and gain a greater insight into the business from our guest speakers!

We hold events all over the world and you can almost guarantee there will be one within a few hours of you, so what’s stopping you from going?

For less than the prices of two sleeves of patches you can experience the most enjoyable and educational event you have ever attended.

Sounds great, right?!

So be sure to join us for our upcoming event in Austria in January 2019. CLICK HERE to find out more.

Customer Service Tip

Do you have an iCloud email? Are you not receiving as many emails as you should be?
iCloud emails appear to bounce a lot because they have extra protection on them. To combat this, add the and emails to your contacts and address book to stop the bounces.