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Only ONE WEEK to LifeWave LIVE! California

WOW, we cannot believe the time has come for LifeWave LIVE! California. This time next Saturday, March 30th, you’ll be sitting amongst a crowd of LifeWave go-getters as everyone listens to and learns from a great line-up of speakers and corporate leaders. Motivation… inspiration… information… all designed to help you and your team grow and prosper… it’s all happening in beautiful, sunny, Southern California!

This is going to be an amazing weekend! LifeWave’s Founder and CEO, David Schmidt, will take you behind the scenes of his X39 invention… Kevin Harrington, an original shark on Shark Tank is the Keynote Speaker… Dr. Melinda Connor will share LifeWave research discoveries… Jim Caldwell, our Marketing VP, will reveal some exciting plans for 2019… and more!

Don’t miss out! Tell your team. Registration closes tonight at midnight (IST)! Get your tickets now!


Win a Dream Cruise Vacation – Check out the winners to date

Our Dream Cruise Vacation Promotion is in full swing and we already have some winners!

We now have a list of members who have already qualified for the cruise and those that are well on the way to joining us in November to celebrate the LifeWave 15-year anniversary.

To view the list of winners, log into your back office and click on the resource section. There you will see a side menu with the title ‘cruise winners’.

This list will be updated on a weekly basis for you all to follow.

New to Network Marketing? How to Overcome Nervousness

If you’re a newbie to the network marketing world – welcome! You’ve just begun an incredible journey that is going to improve your life in more ways than you thought possible.

Some people may get the jitters and be a little nervous entering into our industry. It’s understandable. It means you care! Here are a few simple tips to help you overcome this nervousness:

  1. Don’t Overthink Everything

Jump in and give it a go! You can only learn from your mistakes. If you overthink something, more often than not, you never end up doing what you set out to achieve. So, dive in, ask your sponsor or other leaders for help along the way. They have been there – done that. So ask for their help when you need it and good things our bound to happen!

  1. It’s ok to not be perfect

Perfect is the enemy of progress. If you try to be too good at something you might never start! You can read a million books, watch tonnes of webinars and mirror what someone else is doing, but for your first few times, you’re probably still not going to come across as awesome as those that have been doing this job for years. But as they say… practice makes perfect. And remember… we have so many effective tools that deliver the message for you. Try Letting them do the talking!

  1. Use your Sponsor

The joy of network marketing is there is so much help out there for people who need it. Sponsors are there to help and guide you. They have plenty of incentive to see you achieve your goals. They know the business – so use their insights to help better yourself and your business. Everyone starts somewhere and sponsors will easily remember their own first days in LifeWave. Don’t be afraid to reach out to them with any queries you have.

Member Recognition – March 4th – 11th 2019

Congratulations to our Members who moved up a rank in Member_recognition_200x200
Lifewave from  March 4th – March 11th!

Senior Presidential Director

  • Yoshihiro Mizuochi – USA



  • Hedvika Makris – Germany
  • Hiroshi Yoshino – Japan
  • Johann Koch – Austria
  • Jason Tan – Singapore



  • Josef Holzer – Germany
  • Stefan Beck – Germany
  • Ines Schmid – Germany
  • Marion Klittich – Germany
  • Fumiko Taima – Japan
  • Piyo Piyo – Japan
  • Yukinobu Kikuchi – Japan
  • Hiroshi Ando – Japan
  • Toru Nakayama – Japan
  • 明發 張 – Taiwan
  • Aglaia Schumacher – Switzerland
  • André Schüpbach – Switzerland
  • Anne-Christel Duret – France
  • Agatin Abbott – Australia
  • Michelle Young Australia
  • 瑛 林 – Hong Kong
  • Bobby Kim Teng Neo – Singapore
  • Zuzanna Lenart – Poland
  • Marlena Klesta – Poland
  • Oda Viola Fuglo – Denmark
  • Dorthe Helbrink – Denmark
  • Jangle Jim – USA
  • Christine Meiner – USA
  • Dr. Roopa Chari – USA
  • Elois Watson – USA