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Take Advantage of our Momentum

Have you heard? LifeWave is paying out commissions these days that haven’t been seen in years! In fact in a recent week the commissions pay out total was greater than we have seen in at least 5 years! Here’s another way to look at it: Compared to June of 2018 before X39™, and commissions in April, they have tripled! This is the definition of momentum. You are living it and seeing it right now.


“I would like to extend my personal thanks and gratitude to all of our members who have made the launch of X39 such an extraordinary success. Your efforts, and the efforts of your teams, are dramatically improving the quality of life for people around the globe. We have truly now entered the reality in which stem cell science is available to everyone.” 

-From CEO, Founder and X39™ Inventor, David Schmidt


There is never a better time to be in LifeWave as we look forward to celebrating our 15 Year Anniversary in November!  And with what we have planned for the rest of 2019 and beyond, it is going to only get better… and better! So take advantage of all that is here and share our amazing technology and opportunity everywhere you go, and show others how to do the same, as we build to a Billion… together.

The Science of Photobiomodulation

Photobiomodulation, or PBM for short, is a great term you can use when discussing our unique form of wellness technology with someone who wants to hear more about the technology, after you have shown them the X39™ video.  Recently David Schmidt our Founder and CEO, held a general product training webinar on our technology and discussed how the science of PBM has gone mainstream. He referenced a great article on it that can be seen here. It was written by Michael R. Hamblin, PhD., a Harvard Medical School associate professor and an affiliate at the Wellman Center for Photomedicine at the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston.  What is significant about this article is that it gets into the role low-level light plays in various forms of wellness therapy and validates the concept associated with what LifeWave patches do using light to stimulate the skin for balancing our biochemistry. It’s great to know experts at the highest level in academic research already know the power of light in helping the body perform better or heal faster… and LifeWave is there!

David Schmidt says X39™ is “…my greatest achievement!”

As we continue to bring more and more focus to the business-building side of this great LifeWave opportunity, it is always important to remember that the basis for all of it, is the amazing technology that our Founder and CEO David Schmidt invented. If you have used our New Business Opportunity PPT presentation (available in the Back Office), you have seen his quote. If you have read the “LifeWave X39™ Story” that is featured on the home page of your website, you have seen the quote on page 9. As he puts it, “After developing products for over 30 years, and holding over 100 patents and patent applications globally, I can truly say that at this point in my life, X39™ is my greatest achievement. Having a product that works this quickly and provides this many benefits seems like a miracle or too good to be true, but it is simply applying the magic of stem cells to the human body” David says. So as you think about what you want to achieve in LifeWave, remember, it is all based on science that David Schmidt says is his best achievement. Let that inspire you as you head to the top in LifeWave. We’ll see you there!

Remember We Want to Hear from You

Be sure to send us your testimonial on business-building success or any amazing results you or someone you know have seen using our powerful technology. Tell us what you are experiencing! Send your testimonial to We’ll send you out a release we’ll need you to sign granting permission to showcase your testimonial. We look forward to hearing from you!

Congratulations to all our members who moved up in rank this week

Congratulations to our Members who moved up a rank in LifeWave from April 29th – May 6th.


  • Soruje Kabu – Japan
  • Joyce Wyld – Australia
  • Fuyuki Satou – Japan
  • Masako Furukawa – Japan


  • Timna Harper – USA
  • Carolyn Dice – USA
  • Christopher Meredith – USA
  • Tianna Conte – USA
  • Shizuko Takeda – Japan
  • Dennis Morales – Philippines
  • Teresita Lingao – Philippines
  • Li-Ai Lim – Australia
  • Michie Kondo – Japan
  • Rhia Carmela Corpus – Philippines
  • Izumi Tsuruta – Japan
  • 建元 陳 – Taiwan
  • Shinichi Abe – Japan
  • S Uthayakumar Biravar – Singapore
  • Noriko Harasaki – Japan
  • Hatsumi Endo – Japan
  • André Jacques Nemoz – France
  • Tomoko Hino – Japan
  • Toshikatsu Murakoshi – Japan
  • Masaaki Masubuchi – Japan
  • Winnie Wu – Singapore
  • Katsuko Sasaki – Japan
  • Oda Andreasen – Faroe Islands
  • Didier Vallette