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LifeWave Live! San Diego 2017!

WinFit and the Three Pillars of Health
Enhance Your Life Through Nutrition, Exercise and Sleep

WinFit has produced record-breaking sales for good reason. This proven system can help you re-shape your body and build your LifeWave business like never before. And on March 18 you can attend one event that maximizes your personal and professional results. It all starts with using WinFit to enhance the three pillars of health: Nutrition, Exercise and Sleep.

See event highlights below. And don’t forget that online registration is open through March 14!


Using WinFit to Enhance Your Health

  • Learn how to customize the WinFit guidelines: nutrition, exercise and sleep.
  • Determine your protein intake for getting enough healthy fats, and gain a clear understanding of carb usages.
  • Live demonstration with audience participation, to maximize your results with WinFit Resistance Bands.
  • Best ways to use the WinFit patch, Y-Age Carnosine, Silent Nights and the Alavida patch to improve sleep and accelerate results.
  • Learn how Theta Nutrition increases HGH and IGF-1, why it boosts overall health, and why you need it to succeed with WinFit.

Applying What You Learn to Build Your Business

  • Fun Group contest: Win a Free WinFit System!
  • Learn how our business support systems are always there to help you succeed.
  • Special guest speaker
  • Leader presentations: best practices on building your LifeWave business, presenting to prospects and calling on prospects.
  • Recognition Ceremony

Multi-Unit Patch Pricing Returns!

You spoke and we listened! Multi-unit patch pricing will return February 27, 2017, which is great news for all LifeWave Distributors. With this change, you’ll only need to buy one patch sleeve (instead of two or more) to remain on Active Status for 31 days. Of course, this will also make it easier to expand your LifeWave business.

New Wholesale Patch Pricing and BV Effective February 27

  • 1 patch sleeve: $69.95, total BV of 55
  • 2 patch sleeves: $59.95 each, total BV of 47 each
  • 3 or more patch sleeves: $49.95 each, total BV of 39 each

New Retail Pricing: All individual patch sleeves will now be $89.95.

Upcoming LifeWave Events: Mark Your Calendars!

As any effective business builder will tell you, LifeWave events are essential to your success. And with several upcoming events, there’s no better time to commit. Why not register today?


March 18, 2017: LifeWave Live! San Diego
Visit one of the most beautiful cities in America, learn to maximize your personal/professional results with WinFit, and more!

Details  REGISTER!

May 13, 2017:
LifeWave Live! Frankfurt
Join David Schmidt and Mike Collins, along with prominent local LifeWave Leaders, and come away with your blueprint for success. And don’t forget to take advantage of our early pricing discount, through January 31!


May 20, 2017:
LifeWave Live! Vienna
Get the business-building insights and camaraderie you’ve come to expect from LifeWave events, plus a whole lot more. And don’t forget to take advantage of our early pricing discount, through January 31!

Details  REGISTER!

September 30, 2017
: LifeWave Live! Copenhagen
Historically, Copenhagen is the biggest LifeWave event of them all. With record-breaking crowds and insightful presentations, this is one you don’t want to miss.

Details  REGISTER!

Exciting 2017 Promos!

From business-building incentives to great savings and FREE products, our 2017 promos have something for everyone. Learn more below:

Business Builder: Extra Cash and BV Promo
Now Extended to February 26! Earn extra BV bonuses on all Gold enrollments and above!

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Ascend the Ranks: Free Product Promo
Get FREE products by moving up a rank in LifeWave.

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Autoship and Maintenance Pack Promo
Get FREE IceWave with your Autoship and Maintenance Packs.

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Clearance Sales on Theta Heart and Theta Mind

After much consideration, we have decided to discontinue Theta Heart and Theta Mind. The good news is we’re running these amazing clearance sales starting February 6, while supplies last! Please remember to update any of your current Autoship orders that include these products. And don’t forget to purchase Theta Activate for rapid results.

PLEASE NOTE: Theta Activate IS NOT being discontinued.

1. Theta Heart Clearance Sale: Save $20!

For our EU Customers only, Theta Heart promotes a healthy heart with no drugs or chemicals. Buy yours while supplies last!

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2. Theta Mind Clearance Sale: Save $20!

Theta Mind helps you achieve superior cognitive function, while supporting focus, attention and memory. Take advantage of this great deal!

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Customer Service Tip: Setting Up and Editing Autoship Orders

In an effort to better serve you, we do our best to address the most frequent questions or concerns from our Members. For example, many of you have contacted us recently about setting up and editing Autoship orders.

Just follow these simple steps for Autoship orders:

  1. Login to the Back Office and choose the product you want in your Autoship order.
  2. Click the ADD TO AUTOSHIP ORDER button.
  3. Once you’re in checkout, select the shipping address, frequency and start date, shipping method, as well as confirming your credit card details.
  4. Click Autoship Orders in the main menu to modify the schedule, payment method, shipping address, or shipping method of an existing Autoship order.
  5. When changing credit card details, remember to check the box next to your chosen credit card before saving.
  6. After making any changes to the Autoship profile, please make sure to also check the box next to your chosen credit card as the final step.

Please Contact Us with Questions or Concerns:

  • USA Customer Service
    1 (866) 202-0065 /
  • Europe Customer Service
    +353 91 874 600 /

Member Recognition

Congratulations to our Members who moved up a rank in LifeWave from February 14 – 20!

New Directors:

  • Giacinto Di Paolo (Italy)

New Managers:

  • Babette Fischer (Germany)
  • Diana Gonzalez Arangure (Mexico)
  • Gregor Großkopf (Germany)
  • Michael Hodik (Austria)
  • Gloria Kitzberger (Austria)
  • Jonathan Lenz (Denmark)
  • Zeljko Pavlovic (Germany)
  • Maria-Victoria Trozzi-Scheumann (Germany)
  • Martha Vazquez (USA)
  • Manfred Wieltsch (Switzerland)