5 Easy Ways To Wake Up Without Coffee

It’s estimated that 54 percent of American adults drink at least one cup of coffee a day. If you’re one of these people, you’ve probably come to rely on this ubiquitous beverage to jumpstart your mornings. The question is why do you still sometimes feel lethargic? These five healthy alternatives may be just what you need to energize your morning, without the usual cup of coffee:

  1. Get some sun: A recent study found people who were exposed to bright, early morning light experienced higher alertness and increased activity in areas of the brain responsible for cognitive processes.
  2. Massage your pressure points: You may have found yourself massaging your temples during mid-afternoon slumps. A similar technique may be effective in boosting your morning alertness—a University of Michigan study found self-acupuncture treatments could help lessen fatigue.
  3. Cool off: We’re all a little dehydrated when we wake up and even a small drop in hydration can significantly increase fatigue. Doctors suggest hydrating with ice-cold water to get the morning adrenaline flowing.
  4. Get moving: Start your morning with a walk to get the endorphins flowing and the blood pumping. Some experts say it could be as effective as espresso in waking you up.
  5. Fuel up: After several hours of rest, eating a nutritious breakfast helps boost the metabolism, increase energy and improve concentration.

Of course, helping people increase and sustain energy without the use of drugs, stimulants or caffeine is one of LifeWave’s main goals as a company. Our Theta Fuel* drink formula, which helps combat fatigue on a cellular level, is a great alternative to coffee at any time of the day.

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