4 Ways to Improve Your Stem Cell Health

  1. Cut the Sugar

Many of us consume too much sugar. When combined with too little activity, all of this sugar produces too much insulin, causing a metabolic syndrome, which can lead to weight gain, insulin resistance, high blood pressure, and so on. According to one study, adult stem cells lived longer in cell culture when glucose was reduced. *


  1. Lift Weights, and Stay Aerobically Active

Research shows that stem cells in muscles are increased by exercise and, further, that weight lifters have better stem cells in their muscles. **


  1. Reduce Your Calories

Even short-term calorie restriction can improve stem cell function.

One study showed that when you calorie restrict mice, their muscle stem cells have improved function. *** This extends all the way down to the cellular level, as mitochondria are also more plentiful in these mice. Also, this effect worked well in both young and old mice.

You don’t have to restrict calories for a long time; even short-term reduction in calories will still improve stem cells.


  1. Avoid Prescription Medications when Possible

There are many prescription drugs that hurt stem cells; we base this on our experience with growing stem cells for over a decade. We have seen, over and over, patients whose stem cells we are unable to grow due to a certain medication the patient is taking. The list of prohibited medications is long, so always talk to your doctor about what you need to restrict, and which medication is likely OK.


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