4 Simple Tips To Help You Network

Networking has been described as the glue that sticks your whole career path together. Relationships that are built throughout your career become increasingly important the older we get. With the age of social media being all around us, we are often swallowed up by who’s posting what on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Although these platforms can make us feel like we are wasting time everyday scrolling, reacting and liking different posts, this seems to be the way networking is moving. Nonetheless, there is also a big network outside of these platforms.

These 4 simple tips can help you grow your network and build your business!

  1. Diversity in Your Network

It is great to have a strong network in your part of the world, but what do you do when you need to reach out to someone 100 miles away to help you out with an event you’re holding? Strong relationships are amazing to have, it is important to build relationships in different areas of the world. Try attending events where you can meet people from all over! This will help grow your network incredibly quickly.

  1. Industries

Reach out to people in different industries than yours, see what YOU can do for others and in turn, they will do something for you.

  1. Ask

Talk to your network, ask questions and LEARN! People love being asked questions about things they are passionate about, it is important to query where you would get more information and who you would speak with to get more information. The power of asking questions is remarkable for growing your network.

  1. Stewardship

Be courteous to people, be sure to listen to how people are feeling and in turn a sense of trust builds up.