3 Tips to Jump-Start Your Business When You Have Limited Time

Business Tips IconAt LifeWave we’re all about nurturing your individual growth within the business. Many people in our company start off by growing their business from home, where they are already juggling a busy home life with family and other priorities. Here are some tips that can help you overcome challenges that can arise when trying to grow your business with limited time to do so.

  1. Make a Plan

One of the main things people forget to do, is to sit down and create a plan of action. When you have limited time, you MUST know which tasks and activities will have the biggest impact on growing your business. Don’t sit at your computer and say to yourself… “What should I do today?”. Have a prioritised plan in place so you know exactly what you must do first.

  1. Use Technology to Maximise your Efforts

With limited time, you won’t have time to host a lot of meetings or call people.  That’s where technology can really help you out.

Here are technologies you can use to make up for your lack of time:

  • Social Media
  • Email autoresponders
  • Webinars
  • Videos
  • Group meetings
  • Blog posts

While this may seem overwhelming at first, you can build up little by little. We have a host of videos and webinars in the back office for you to post on your own websites and blogs. We also share a host of content on our Facebook page which you can easily share with your followers. Facebook advertising is another great way to reach people using geo-targeting to find people in your area with similar interests.

  1. Attend the LifeWave Live! Events

When you’re busy working a full-time job, juggling family life and trying to build a business ‘on the side’, it’s very easy to put off attending company events in the name of saving time and money. Don’t do it. Attending events help your business and save you time.

First, it helps instil in you the BELIEF that you can do this. As you talk to others who have achieved results in the company you joined, your belief level will soar. Secondly, attending events allows you the opportunity to meet new people and share ideas – you could pick up valuable tips from a fellow member. Lastly, it’s a great way to find out more about the products you are selling and can help you develop a better selling technique.

Having a clear plan of action, identifying those activities that are crucial to your success, and leveraging technology is far more important than the amount of time available for your business.

Now get out there and make it happen!