LifeWave Live! Rome (May 27)

Attend this once-a-year event, and receive product information and training directly from LifeWave Founder and CEO David Schmidt. David will be joined by some of our prominent Leaders, who will teach you exactly how to become a top LifeWave earner.

Event Highlights Below!

  • Product Knowledge and Training on: LifeWave patches, WinFit, Alavida and CORSENTIALS.
  • Learn How To:
    • Run a business from your home in new LifeWave markets
    • Pitch LifeWave to anyone in under 30 seconds
    • Work with your Sponsor on three-way calls to build your business
    • Work beyond your warm market to build new income
  • Special Leader Presentations
  • New Patch Attention Stickers Unveiled!
    • All attendees will receive free samples
    • Business-building workshop on these striking conversations starters
  • New Autoship Incentive: how to take advantage of this powerful tool
  • New Rank Incentive: why it can help build your network faster than ever before
  • Product Introduction Bonus (PIB) Workshop: how to triple your income over time!
  • Surprise Announcement!

BONUS: All Members will receive 1000 BV in their strong leg just for attending!

Bring 2 Guests and Earn an Additional 1000 BV on Your Strong Leg! It’s a great way to earn additional BV and expose more people to the amazing LifeWave community. PLEASE NOTE: All guests are required to pay the full admission price.

Discounted Online Pricing Through May 21!
It’s convenient, easy and it will save you money. Why not register today?