2016 Top Earners Plaque Honors LifeWave Trailblazers

We’re proud to announce that our 2016 Top Earners Plaque is now displayed in the LifeWave Back Office (under Resources > Member Recognition > Yearly Top Earners). This award recognizes those Leaders that produced exceptional sales results in 2016. We’re honored to have them represent our community, and cannot overstate the importance of their contribution LifeWave.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We’d also like to apologize to prominent LifeWave Leader, Miguel Molina, who was not included in our December Top Earners list due to a technical glitch. Since joining our company in 2011, Miguel has been essential in helping Denmark emerge as one of LifeWave’s most successful global markets. He should have been listed as #7 for the month of December. Thanks Miguel!

Congratulations to all of our Top Earners in 2016!