2016 May European Tour: Wise Words from a LifeWave Leader

 “If your business is growing, come to these events to keep feeding that growth. If your business is stalling a little, let these gatherings give you a quick shot of adrenaline and the nourishment you need to get back on track. Make a ‘whatever it takes’ decision to be there. It just may be the key to your future success!”
 – Dr. Joan N., Presidential Director (USA)

Our events have been essential to Dr. Joan’s success with LifeWave, and they may just be the secret to yours. If you’re serious about building your business, do “whatever it takes” to register and attend.

Through May 17, Pay Just $54 for Each Event!
This is truly an amazing price for what you get in return. Why not register today?

Register for Vienna

Register for Düsseldorf

Event Highlights at a Glance:

  • A welcome message from host city Leaders
  • David Schmidt presents Alavida, phototherapy and a special patch training session
  • LifeWave Leaders: learn their proven methods for success!
  • Exclusive interviews with LifeWave Leaders and Distributors
  • Mike Collins and Loren Castronovo will present our latest marketing materials
  • Field development resources: focused guidance to help grow your business

We’re excited to see you at these events!

*Pricing does not include VAT. Pricing does include a box lunch for both events.