2016 May European Tour: Don’t Miss the Networking Reception!

We urge all serious business builders to attend our Networking Reception, following the main events in both Vienna and Düsseldorf (from 6 p.m. – 7 p.m.). Senior Presidential Director, Jan Wiegel, one of our top commission earners, offers these motivational words: “Whatever your plans are, don’t miss this exciting reception! Where else can you connect with and get personal coaching tips from successful LifeWave Leaders? I’ll be there and I look forward to talking with you all. Cheers!”

An indispensable member of the Germany/Austria leadership group, Jan has helped that region become LifeWave’s second largest global market. This is a rare chance to learn from him and many others like him, while enjoying light snacks, beer and wine. Tickets for Each Networking Reception are only $22/20€ (in advance).*

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please know that you must register for the main event (Vienna or Düsseldorf) in order to attend that city’s Networking Reception.

Early Registration Event Discount!

  • Through May 17, pay just $54/49€ for the May 21 event in Vienna.*

Register for Vienna

Reception Tickets for Vienna

  • Through May 24, pay just $54/49€ for the May 28 event in Düsseldorf.*

Register for Düsseldorf

Reception Tickets for Düsseldorf

Main Event Highlights at a Glance:

  • A welcome message from host city Leaders
  • David Schmidt presents Alavida, phototherapy and a special patch training session
  • LifeWave Leaders: learn their proven methods for success!
  • Exclusive interviews with LifeWave Leaders and Distributors
  • Mike Collins and Loren Castronovo will present our latest marketing materials
  • Field development resources: focused guidance to help grow your business

Thanks for your continued support, and we look forward to seeing you at these events!

*Pricing does not include VAT. Pricing does include a box lunch for each main event.