2016 May European Tour: Another LifeWave Triumph!

The sold-out crowds in both Vienna and Düsseldorf say it all! Our European Tour was a soaring success, and the enthusiasm of our Members made for an electrifying atmosphere at both events. Feedback from attendees was overwhelmingly positive, setting the tone for a momentous and successful summer.

Stage Presentations Really Fired up the Crowd:

  • David Schmidt presented key insights on Alavida, plus a special patch training session
  • Mike Collins discussed our new system integration and how it will help business builders reach new heights
  • LifeWave Leaders offered their proven methods for success

Leader Meetings Were Full of Optimism at Both Events:

  • Leader and executives discussed future plans and the unlimited possibilities they hold
  • A foundation was established for maximizing sales and commissions

And last but certainly not least, there was over-the-top excitement about David’s big announcement—stay tuned for more details in the coming weeks! We also want to send out a big “thank you” to our exceptional field speakers, who helped make Vienna and Düsseldorf so unforgettable.

Thank You to the Following Field Speakers for Their Invaluable Contributions:

  • Jannie Bak, Burkhard Bade, Peter Siwatz: Great job of educating and motivating by all
  • Nikole Kaps’ Role Play with David: A highly effective approach to talking with a prospect
  • Mike’s “What Dreams Are Made Of” Segment: Marc Larbig, Dominic Strahl, Birgit Schuler and Adolf “DaDolfiii” Simandl are off to a great start, committed to successfully building at their own pace in their own way
  • David’s “What Dreams Are Made Of” Segment: Roman Krainer, Dr. Michaela Dalonzo, and Sigi and Brigitte Feichter are augmenting their success and very enthused about our products, and our upcoming innovations


  • Bettina Ellwanger, Axel Steller, Lisa Pitl: The true essence of leading by example
  • Jan Wiegel role play with David: Jan showed why he’s one of our top commission earners
  • Mike’s “What Dreams Are Made Of” Segment: Martina Rössel-Tarnow, Zeljko Pavlovic and Nadja Habegger are energized by the latest news, and ready to expand on their existing success
  • David’s “What Dreams Are Made Of” Segment: Rainer Pinger, Yvonne Cuolt and Dr. Andreas Petry are more poised than ever to capitalize on their winning formula

We genuinely appreciate everyone for attending. Together, we can capitalize on the momentum of these events, and make this the best summer in LifeWave history. Onward and upward!