2016 Kickoff Event: Why Leaders Say You Must Attend!

Building on the unstoppable momentum of our Copenhagen event, this kickoff in Southern California promises to be equally unforgettable! The Leaders quoted below have plenty of LifeWave experience, on both sides of the pond. Their inspiring words give you every reason to attend the Kickoff Event in January. Why wait?

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“Don’t miss out on the 2016 Kickoff Event in Southern California. You’ll go home full of high spirit, inspiration and confidence, knowing that Alavida will take your business to a whole new level!”  
 Jannie B., Senior Presidential Director (Denmark)

“Be sure to attend the Kickoff event in Southern California! Pick up valuable success tips and learn what’s working from other successful LifeWave Members who are growing their business fast! Looking forward to seeing you there!” 
– David J., Senior Presidential Director (USA)

“I was in Copenhagen in September, where Alavida was unveiled in front of 1200 people. Alavida is the dawning of a new era for LifeWave that will beam us to another dimension!! See you in Southern California in January and best regards from Switzerland!”
– Gerhard W., Senior Presidential Director (Switzerland)