2016 Kickoff Event: A Major Success!

Benjamin Franklin once said, “Energy and persistence conquer all things.” and that feeling was certainly in the air at our 2016 Kickoff Event. Attendees were asked to “Make It Happen and Make It Matter,” and by all accounts they were thoroughly energized by the experience. From captivating technological insights to moving personal stories, the true spirit of LifeWave was on full display.

LifeWave Executives Set the Stage

  • Founder and CEO, David Schmidt: an exclusive look at the future of regeneration and LifeWave products, including an in-depth, easy-to-understand summary of the Alavida patch. After his unveiling of a video explaining our patch technology, the crowd erupted into a standing ovation!
  • President, Mike Collins: a direct selling industry review. Plus a look at LifeWave’s forthcoming Back Office platform, which will simplify the way you run your business and provide greater visibility into advancing your rank.
  • Chief Marketing Officer, Loren Castronovo: a rousing call to action, outlining last year’s accomplishments and how we can reach new heights in 2016.

Our Members Spoke from the Heart

  • Marathon Runner, Christine Kennedy: a harrowing tale of injury, rehabilitation and perseverance that underscores the transformative power of LifeWave. In 2015, she set the new U.S. record for women over 60 at the Dallas Marathon, and LifeWave products played a central role in her athletic resurgence. Christine’s own words sum it up best: “I’m not just selling a product. I’m giving back life.”
  • Heartfelt Testimonials from LifeWave Distributors: Jean McLeod, Chris Park, Vinah Morales, Dr. Linda Lile, Dr. Nicholas Tivoli and Hermine Obermann shared personal stories on how their lives have changed since discovering LifeWave. These testimonials included Jean McLeod’s account of how LifeWave patches helped her mother move from hospice care back to living at home again. And Chris Park inspired us with his story of transforming from a struggling college student to a successful LifeWave Distributor with the support of his team.

Successful Distributors Shared Their Secrets to Success
Prominent LifeWave Distributors, including Mette Bloch, Anne Plasmann, Chuck Michel, Jannie Bak and Larry Yang, provided invaluable tips on how to approach people with the business opportunity, how to train your downline and new distributors, and so much more.

Ride the Wave of Energy to our May European Tour!
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