2015 Study Connects Sleep Motivation to Better Health

In 2015, the National Sleep Foundation commissioned Mokrzycki Survey Research Services to conduct a national survey of adults in the U.S. Among its key findings is that people who are more motivated to sleep have better health. The survey asked Americans how motivated they are to have ample time to sleep. It also asked them how much importance they place on routinely going to bed at a suitable time.

Subjects who reported greater motivation for good sleep also reported better health:

  • 56% of highly motivated respondents reported very good or excellent general health, compared with 42% of those who were not that motivated or not at all motivated
  • 62% motivated respondents reported very good/excellent quality of life, compared with 43% of those not motivated
  • 54% of the motivated respondents reported very good/excellent physical health, compared with 36% of those not motivated
  • 67% of the motivated respondents reported very good/excellent mental health, compared with 50% of those not motivated

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